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It’s good to be back

Hey all! I have no idea if anyone who I used to talk to on here is still active but, my user was ThatLawren if you want to remember.

It’s been a while, 12 MONTHS! I can’t believe it’s been so long... So much has gone on really in my life. I’ve moved house, got a partner and I’m currently expecting my first baby which is due 17th December.

I still write my blog every month if I get round too it. It’s just a quick update usually on how things are but I find it so much easier for me to write than speak.

This pregnancy has been hard on me mentally. My medication stopped working for the first 6 months and I’ve only just gone back to being “okay” in a sense. The mental health midwives didn’t bother getting in touch with me so I’ve healed by myself, once again. No one wants to touch me due to being pregnant, which I get but hate.

How is everyone doing? 🌼💕

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Hello Amelialvy

Welcome back to the forum. It is so good to hear from you.

It sounds as if you have been very busy and very positive. Things must be very challenging for you with your pregnancy. It is good that you have been able to self support. It may be worth contacting the Midwives once again to see if you get a more supportive response.

The blog sounds really positive too.

Our members may also be able to offer more support or information.

Do keep in touch and take care.

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Hi great to see you back and many congrats on your pregnancy. It sounds like a lot of things have happened to you and I hope they are all good ones. How are things in general? x

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Generally, things are okay. I mean I have my bad days but who doesn’t? I’m taking my medication and taking it a day at a time and I’ve found cleaning as a distraction and a good crutch to get any hostility out too. How’re you? x

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Hello AmeliaIvy, I do remember you. I might have been JustPeachy then, I don't remember when I switched to Sweetiepye. It is interesting the changes a year can make. Congratulation on partner and baby. It's got to be an exciting time. Keep us updated. pam

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Hey! Oh wow I didn’t think anyone would be on here from last year. I know it’s crazy how 12 months can spiral into a brand new world for someone.


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