Been a pretty good month

Been like a month since i last cut, a month since i last felt down(depressed) not had any suicidal thought's.

Not been having as much sleep due to work, but still feeling good, for the first time since last novemberish,feel like im buzzing at times

People around me saying how different my mood is(so keepa them off my back at least)

I have also invested in shares for the company i work for, not something i have done before but be intersting to see how it plays out.

But it' im still cautious as to weather or not my mood will change again(no doubt it will) but foe time being just riding this goood wave

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  • Well done.

    Small steps, make big steps. You will gallope soon


  • Great to hear, enjoy every minute of feeling better.Who knows what tomorrow will bring just be in the moment. If you get another down time at least you know they don't last forever and another good one will be on it's way. Pam

  • Thanks guys, yeah i am making the most ofthe up time figuretivley speaking.

    Last time i had a good 10 months followed by an 8 month low, hopefully this will be another good couple of months(hopefully)

  • Nice one Cj, that is great news


  • Well done. Good to hear.


  • Thanks guys

  • Well done indeed

  • thank you :)

  • Well, this month has been officially declared different,from buying shares to now buying a new car, didnt think i would get a new car so fast.

    But it happend all so fast, and low and behold i have a new car, interesting times to say the least.