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Advice on how to control OCD

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Hi everyone. I’m pretty new here and this is my first post. I suffer with a few health issues and one is OCD. I’ve had it for nearly 18yrs now and seen numerous psychologists in the past about it (some helped, some didn’t) plus I’m on medication at the moment for depression and anxiety but it should help with the OCD. I do have it under control to a certain extent but these past few months it’s been worse. I was just wondering if anyone else who has it can give me some advice on how to control it better and what’s helped you? Thanks in advance.

Fee x

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Hello feelouise,

Welcome to our supportive community. Well done for taking a brave step out of your comfort zone to reach out for help. Hopefully, you find folks here are only too willing to come alongside you and share from their personal journeys and experiences. It sounds like you learnt to live with and manage your OCD quite well. I'm not sure which country you live in, but here in the UK we have some useful resources, and I'll pop some website links up for you:


Mind UK:

In the meantime, do check out our Pinned Post section for free mental health guides, international crisis support helplines etc.

Ok folks, please pop up and welcome this new forum member.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes, MAS Nurse

Hi MAS_Nurse,

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m in the UK. I’ll check out the links you have given me and the pinned post section for the health guides. I appreciate it.

Thanks again! 😊 Fee x

Hi Mhatso.

Thank you for ur reply. I will take a look at the OCD-UK forum. I will mention Fluoxetine to the doctor when I go on Monday.

Fee x

Hi fee

I have o.c.d and have had it for 15 years, I've done c.b.t with group sessions and one to one with therapist. Have learnt I got to live with it I'm on sertraline this helps. I learned to accept that I have o.c.d.

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feelouise in reply to dougal2

Hi dougal.

Thanks for your reply.

I too am on Sertraline. Was put on it a few years ago now. I’ve just recently had my dosage increased so hopefully it will start to work again worth helping control my OCD. I’ve had to live with it all these years. Had CBT a few times in the past too. I just wish it will go away in my head. But I’m the only one who could do that but it’s difficult. Things have happened recently and made it worse again. So exhausting.

Fee x

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dougal2 in reply to feelouise

I find that if I've had little sleep the night before then my anxiety and o.c.d are worse. Also if your stressed about anything that to can make anxiety worse.

Sorry for late response

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feelouise in reply to dougal2

It’s okay. Thanks for the reply x

I had ocd in my teens, it stopped but I don't know why or how.

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feelouise in reply to

How long did u have it for?

in reply to feelouise

As far as I can remember more than five years, I'm not to sure.

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