Sorry to keep repeating

Hi, I usually write mornings are my worst time ( which they are I don't know how I get though them ) but now the whole day feels the same, I'm feeling as bad as I did months ago at my worst ever days and I don't no how to stop it, I can't put it in to words just how frightened I am, the fear and pain I can't handle much more, sorry to keep repeating. Myself each day but I'm so frightened and alone .


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  • hi Sandra i know i said i wouldn't post again but your last to post are starting to worry me because i'm thinking this is my fault if your starting to feel worse though out the day i hope and prayer is not because of my stupid way that has caused this to happen i hope this will start to lift i still think a lot of you but don't want t hurt you further i'm so sorry the way i acted i just hope you can forgive me take care your friend always Alan xx

  • No it's nothing to do with you Alan, I'm just finding it really hard to get though life at the moment and yes Iv except your apologie And appreciate your support and concern thank you, you take care

  • hi sandra many thanks for you forgiving me on my stupid actions i hope you start to pick up and if o.k with you i would love to continue with supporting you and helping where possibly take care i'll be thinking of you until i can talk to you later your friend always Alan xx

  • Hi Sandra

    I'm new to this . I've started to see a counsellor who is helping a great deal and seeking out help as much as I can hence registering on here. I just wanted to say you're so not alone . I can recommend a book called reasons to live by Matt haig, he's very honest and brave and it's helped me to be more accepting that I do suffer depression and at the moment I would say I'm feeling the same as you. It's a living nightmare but there's hope. I'm scared too that this bout is too much to bear but it does pass...

    To someone who needs to not feel alone in it , the same as me ...


  • Thanks pupa the mornings are unbareable for me, I just don't now how I get through them, I'm battling now, how to stop this pain ? Xx

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