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Am I wrong

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Hi I just don't know what to do I just want everything to stop and end. I tell myself and everyone tells me it will get better that not to give up hope but it's so hard it's killing me it's so draining sometime just to life feels like a never ending battle no doctor or family help I have tried so hard.sorry I must sound so stupid but I just feel so lost.

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Hi Jorna you don't sound stupid at all. You do sound like someone at the end of your tether though. I had a quick look back on your previous posts and notice you were advised to see your doctor? Did you do this? Are you on any meds and/or having any counselling?

Unfortunately we don't all get help from those who are supposed to love us like family and friends, but we all get it on here. I know it's no substitute but much better than nothing.

It can take a long time to start feeling so bad so it will take time before you start feeling a bit better but you will so have hope. Lil x

You don't sound stupid at all! How come you're not getting any help from a doctor? It sounds like you need some help from one, as well as the peer support from being part of this group on here. If you've tried going to the doctor in the past but didn't get a good response, keep going back but seeing a different doctor each time, until you find one who understands and is much more supportive and helpful.

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