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I think I am depressed?

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I am usually the life and soul of the party but recently I have been quiet shy and unable to express my thoughts and feelings properly. I cry constantly, I snap at people. I over analyse everyone and everything I over analyse myself and my actions. What I'm not doing I don't feel like I'm going anywhere or accomplishing anything in my life. I feel as though my family and friends don't like me anymore. I force a smile when I'm not happy and haven't felt truly happy for ages. It was my 21st birthday the weekend just gone and I had a party I faked I was happy but I felt miserable the whole time. i have been writing a bit which I never do but it's all about people judging me and I feel angry at this but is it all in my head ? I feel as though everyone has changed around me but maybe it's just me. I feel like I am wasting time constantly but can't do anything about it as if I'm so frightened to get any older and waste my life with wrong decisions. I don't know what to do. I also never want to have sex i never feel sexual with my boyfriend and it's starting to show a strain as he thinks I dont want him, which to be honest recently I haven't really cared if he was around or not . I thought depression wasn't really a thing before this but am I depressed ?

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Hi there sorry to hear your feeling a bit low and fed up. I always find when we hit certain milestones in our lives we analyse where we are , where we want to be , what we've done /haven't done etc and life is not easy! I'm not able to diagnose but it does sound like you could be a little depressed with all the other feelings your having. Make an appointment to see your GP and explain how your feeling so they can give you the best help. I used to think depression was a term for people that needed to pull themselves together ! Until you have it its so difficult to understand , and I've been suffering lately ,again I used to be the confident , fun , happy one. Get the help and you'll get back to being you - keep in touch. X

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Jade95 in reply to Kjb1980

Thank you so much yes it's such a strange one even close friends of mine have claimed to have it in the past and I genuinely didn't get it. I haven't told them about my thoughts as I just find it embarrassing. Thanks so much for the support x

I agree with the others...you appear to be depressed. Your symptoms have lasted long enough to call you a depressed person that needs to do something about getting better. As recommended, you should start with your GP. He or she may put you an an antidepressant or not. A good CBT-cognitive behavioral therapist will do you oceans of good. It's possible you won't need any other help if you get a good therapist and see him or her often.

When you said: " I feel as though my family and friends don't like me anymore." I was stunned. I could have said that. I know it's not at all true, but those feelings still come around sometimes. At least, they do for a depressed person. I had never put that thought into words before. Yes, you're depressed and need to get help, but you're not too far gone and just need to get going and get the right help started working for you. Then you'll be just fine.

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Jade95 in reply to BonnieSue

Thankyou so much yes it's a strange one I feel like they are all different around me now and I sometimes catch myself just staring with blank feeling at them which again is strange. Or I get really jealous of the friendship they have again I have never done this as I usually feel so confident in myself. Thanks for the help I'm going to ring up today to my doctors and hope I can get an appointment x

Perhaps you need to make the first move to sorting this and get that GP appointment. Your boyfriend might find it illuminating to go with you........it's a hard thing to come to terms with and often there appears to be no reason for your outburst or tears to those around you. Take time to get fresh air with your partner and get out of the house together but not into crowds.

Good luck - I hope you manage to sort this over time.


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Jade95 in reply to hgrimmer

Thanks so much, yes recently I haven't really been wanting to go out and do anything. It's starting to effect my Uni work aswell. I'm going to try book an appointment today and get out of the house, thank you, x

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hgrimmer in reply to Jade95

Great to hear you are going to book an appointment Jade. I was doing OU studies and working when i took unwell with depression and all sorts and they were helpful with support and deadlines. Might be worth mentioning things to your tutor? What are you studying?

Let me know how things go if you'd like.

Heather x

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Jade95 in reply to hgrimmer

Hi heather yes I didn't go in today either because just wanted to lay in bed which is really unlike me as I love my course, it's event and experience design . Need to be good with people which usually I am!

Thank you so much . It's funny even when you are surrounded by others it feels as though you are the only one in the room, as if all of your thoughts and feelings can't come out and no one gets it and everyone thinks your being strange ( although no one says it) you probably know yourself your not right as I do , I'm amazed at the amount of support , thank you x

You sound like a lovely girl to me so don't be down. I'm sure you will be missed today. What does your course involve?

More importantly did you make that appointment?

I hope you are enjoying your duvet day........try to smile a little if you can. I'm not much but I care!!


Hi I can't add to the great advice you have received except to say that you must have a college counsellor, why not make an appointment with them? x

I too feel this way. For me it started when I talked to my Father after my divorce. Instead of supporting me he basically told me off for picking the wrong guy. He said I was a failure and should have followed his advice (although I have no memory of him ever giving any advice about men). This rocked my self confidence, and no matter how much I rationalise the issue, and see how he has been trying to control me because he now needs help with things at home, it still affects my decision making process.

Did someone do or say anything to you to undermine your confidence?

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