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what is wrong with me

i'm new here

its been a week since i have been feeling low and sad for everyday i just feel like **** and when i try to be happy it only last for an hour or so then i just go down i just feel my heart go down and it hurts and feel horrible to make myself better i try to ignore but it gets hard for me which lead to me just hurting myself to make myself better which help a bit

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Nothing is wrong with you , sometimes are brains dont know how to cope so they power down this leads to low moods and sometimes depression its just your brains way of protecting you , however maybe talk to your gp about it or family or friends , im always here is you want to talk i know how you feel and i know how much pain it takes to want to hurt yourself just to feel okay

Wishing you all the best

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Hi adoomygang123 nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I have slightly edited your post as swearing is not allowed on this forum. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the site Community Guidelines and Use of Inappropriate Language which you will find in the pinned posts. Thank you. Lil x


You are not alone, love. I understand what you're going through; I've felt it too. The highs and sudden lows for seemingly no reason. I'm so sorry; I wish I could tell you how to make it stop happening.

As a suggestion, sometimes it helps [me] to listen to upbeat instrumentals ~ christmas music tends to keep me calm when i feel an episode coming on and it helps me get out of my head/helps the negative thoughts dissipate faster.

Sending you much love


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