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How do you get over bad dreams? (Warning possible trigger)

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Hi, I am asking because last night I had this awful dream borderline between bad dream and nightmare. I am not sure which is worse the bad dreams you can't just seemed to wake up from or the nightmares where you wake up screaming or wake up to find yourself somewhere other than your bed.

Anyway i had a bad dream last night, was really bothering me today because I just didn't know why I had had it or why it was about moving house because I am not moving house.

So anyway to get over my bad dream and get it out of my head I decided to do something that I really don't like doing and that is going clothes shopping. I really needed new jeans, but I don't like going and trying on clothes, because I always think they look bad or have to which size to take into the changing rooms with me or go in with clothes in 2 or even 3 different sizes just incase.

Seems odd but it worked for me. I feel more relaxed now and not so anxious or upset about the bad dream. Even managed to get not one but 2 pairs of jeans. 2 different sizes mind you, but that will probably be because they are different manufacturers.

Even treated myself to a new houseplant and a bunch of flowers, which I haven't done for months. :-D

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I find that stepping out of my comfort zone can have a positive impact on my mood; I guess it gives me a sense of achievement.

On the dreams front - mine used to impact so heavily on my wellbeing. One night, years ago, I 'dreamt' that my house was going to burn down. I say 'dreamt' because sometimes my dreams are so real that I can't distinguish between them and reality. Anyway, I woke up and, still in a dreamlike state, I attempted to jump out a top window to avoid burning to death. Fortunately, I changed my mind, but instead went outside the house (in a less than safe area) and sat in the street until I came out of my dream.

I'm glad that you've treated yourself. I don't think I'd have too much success with a houseplant ...

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I buy easy to look after house plants. My sisters keep buying me orchids, but they never last. :-D

Have you ever tried writing your dream down on paper just as you were dreaming it? This way you can get it "out" of your mind and throw the paper away or keep it in a box locked away in you mind and physically. This way it's out of your mind and don't keep thinking about it.. I make myself wake up from my bad dreams, write them down and store them away. Then reset my mind before going back to sleep, if I can. I've been taught, thoughts, feelings, dreams, can't hurt me anymore. It's also up to me if I ever want to "revisit" them. You can image it too. Lock them away, in your mind, and try to think of something positive. This may sound "easy" but it takes a lot of practice. Eventually it will become natural and "easy" for you to do. I think when I finally "realized" that thoughts, feelings and dreams were not the same as behaviors we do, did I start feeling better. Remember just because it's (whatever "it" is) in our mind we don't have to "act" on it. Blessings to you 20Voices!

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Good idea, I am usually not aware how bad it is till I wake up. Tried once to wake myself up from a bad dream, could even hear myself screaming inside my head for me to wake up, but it never happened unitl the dream was finished.

I do like your idea about writing it done and destroying the bit of paper though.

Thank you.

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krazy-girl in reply to 20Voices

Like I said it takes LOTS of practice. Don't give up! It works eventually. When your in the "nightmare" think "I can do this "Wake Up" over and over. Retrain your brain. AND NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

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Thank you,

Hi. You have to remind yourself that we all have nightmares. Remember also, sometimes your subconscious brings something up other times your brain is tidying up and that's the chaos you see. Well done on acting positively on it. Re jeans, *roll eyes. Bl**** tall blonds!* Yes, you look like a bulldog bum! Happy?! 😜 💗

Good 4 u i have bad dreams too from my meds i emphasize with u.

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