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How to get over someone sending you mixed signals?


Okay, so recently my partner broke up with me and I was a total mess that week. But then a few days ago they text me like nothing happened, and I'm like, "Okay, I'll play along." And we're just joking around, but then out of nowhere they say, "I still love you."

Now I had just been getting over them, I'd stopped checking for texts or calls from them and I was feeling better. But I find myself falling back in, hoping that they might text back and things will go back to how they were. And like the stupid love-struck egg I am, I replied, "I still love you too."

I know rationally that we're through, like logically my mind knows that it will never be the same. Yet my heart still holds out hope for them, that they might come back to me even when everything says that'll never happen.

So I just want to know how I should get over them, or whether I should find out what they really want out of me.

I'm really confused and this whole cycle is starting up all over again, where I'm beating myself up for them breaking up with me.

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Let it go , my Dear. You are being played. Pam


Tell him to get lost, then block His calls. You are been put upon so you are just best to bite that bullet and move on. You are not been respected, it will never get any better, He must have lost some confidence somewhere.

Do your phones have blocking devices, use those


Hi I agree with the others. You need to make the decisions not them so take your power back. x


Why are you beating yourself up? From experience this is a cycle that will continue to suck you in if you don't stop it. If you can't talk with them about your concerns and what exactly is going on, cut them off. Sometimes you don't need answers to every question. I hope you get better.

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Thanks man, I'm trying.

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