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*Trigger Warning* Getting over past trauma

I've been told that one never fully gets over being sexually abused even if it doesn't involve rape. I personally agree, but think it is possible to learn to live with it and to have a good life in spite of it. What do you all think? What about depression? Do you think depression can be hereditary? Or do you think all forms of depression can be cured overtime with treatment. I've had it for over 10 years now. My Mom has had it for most of her life and i think some of my other relatives suffer from it too. Do you all think getting rid of my depression completely is a feesible goal for me? Or do you think i should just aim at managing it and trying to lead a productive life in spite of my condition?

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You don't want to let your past define your future so you have to let it go or it becomes your excuse for never achieving anything. Depression does seem to run in some families , could also be a learned behavior, or caused by a traumatic event. I'm not sure we know the answer to that. I have seen people recover and others just improve. Why wouldn't you try for recovery ? You can be the one to break the mold in your family. We've talked on here before and you know I think you are a strong, smart girl. You're also very caring, a person who will make something of her life. Pam


Hi there,

You may find this article in Psychology Today interesting and helpful, in that genetics may play a part in our mental health, but so do other influencing factors such as our family environment. It's the old chestnut of the nature vs nurture debate, for which there is no easy answer!



MAS Nurse

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Great article MAS_Nurse. Thanks for the link. Also I always appreciate your replies to members on here. Even though I may not be the writer of the post I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put the link up. gemma


If you are suffering PTSD from being a child, it all falls back down to Parents, family and Relatives, Parents carry their own luggage from past family problems and this moves down the line to their children, siblings . This passes the problem down to new generations and it needs to be stopped by confrontation so you can talk out and move on..

You have an itch you need to calm it, you need to discuss a pathway with your GP. Also it may be a crime against the person, YOU and the Law in some cases may need to take its course.

You will need to come to terms with what happened to you, possibly you will have many mixed feelings including Guilt and that needs sorting. Your GP can arrange some treatment so you can move on and understand you are now not to blame and have permission to move on from these problems that were not your own.

You mention your family seems to have suffered mental health concerns as well, this may have been caused by their passed life decisions, although some Depression can be caused a shortage or imbalance of certain substances in the brain, that can be treated. They will need to discuss their needs with their GP


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Its all about distracting ourselves i find .. The abuse I suffered has not gone away and I regularly get flashbacks .. However I have found that exercise to be of benefit for myself as it creates an endorphin release .. Plus gets your body strong and you lose weight too .. I know that this is not for everyone .. I also found artwork good for distracting .. Visiting the beach regularly is very helpful I find too .. Country walks also are of great benefit.

We cannot erase our past unfortunatley but we cannot let it dictate to us and let it rule our lives


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