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I'm new here and want to know what people think


Hi, I've always been a generally bubbly and positive person, but my mum's issues with depression and alcohol addiction the last few years have affected how I feel and are what I believe to be the main cause of how depressed I have been feeling the last few months. My mum is fit and healthy and working again, and I've spoken to her and spoken to a doctor about starting antidepressants, but I'm not sure if talking therapies would be of much help to me. Let me know what you think :)

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I'm not trying to insult you, maybe I've misunderstood your meaning , but you almost seem glad to be getting into this depression/ anti depression thing. I wouldn't go there unless I absolutely had to.. Anti depressants don't solve all problems and can create more I would choose therapy first. You'll get out of it what you put into it..The truth is if you are depressed you don't have that many options.Why not try a more holistic approach? Pam


Hello Imc99 and welcome to this forum. You seem to be aware of the reasons for your depression which is positive.

It really is an individual choice whether you choose talking therapy or anti-depressants or both.

Talking therapy involves talking through the feelings you have with a therapist/counsellor. In time you will learn how to resolve any issues you may have in a controlled and safe therapeutic setting. Talking therapy usually takes place over a specified number of sessions, it may be possible to have extra sessions but you need to check this with your GP or therapist. I am not sure which country you live and whether you will have to pay for counselling.

If you choose to take anti-depressants hopefully the medication will start to make you feel better in approx 4-6 weeks but check this with your GP. Any side-effects, if any, may last for some weeks. Anti-depressant medication can work on its own but the reason for your depression would not be addressed.

I hope this helps you Imc99. We are always here to support you, take care.


Hi I agree with sweetiepye I didn't choose to take anti depressants I was told by a doctor to take them. My doctor didn't give me the option to decide if I needed them or not, how bad have things got with you & just because your mum takes them it may not be right for you, if you need to chat message me X

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Hi Nikki I recently started anti depressants and seem to feel worse for it. I'm always down and don't feel good enough. I'm always thinking the worse of my partner and get jealous , hoping to have therapy soon.

Hi good morning t you..talking therapy are a release of feelings you can say how you feel and he the negative thoughts from your mum's illness out in the open it may help to forgive her for the unpleasant and traumatic events which have taken place in your situation ..therapy really helps me it may help you ..give it a go what do you have t loose ..kind regards

Talk therapy can be very helpful. You would be amazed at not only how better you would feel but also how much a good therapist can help. Never turn down opportunities to get better.


If you have been offered medications, take them, they can take upwards of six weeks to work well. Do not worry very few people need these medications throughout life it may be just short term.

Talking out your problems CBT does work, you will be given a CPN and they will help you to approach and deal with your problems. Go with an open mind and you should get a great deal out of the course of treatment


Yes, things, situations in life can cause depression. Most people here are I think in the major depression phase, no choice. Having been on 25 plus medications, 3 hospital stays, Electric Shock therapy, CBT, Groups, one on one talk therapy, New Decision therapy and the list goes on. My advice is to try all alternative treatments that you can first before going on meds, as the science shows that truly only about 10 per cent of people get relief. My best advice is to go on youtube and look up emotional freedom tapping for depression and guided meditation for depression. That is where I am at right now, no medications (i have tried them all) and they didn't work, so I am med free and the eft and meditation are helping. All the best.

Hya Imc99, I suffer from Chronic Depression n Borderline personality Disorder, Agrophobia & seem to constantly have suicidal or self harming thoughts. I'm not understanding how if you have managed?up to now without the aid of prescription tablets why"ASK" for them?It can be a long road until you find a tablet and dosage that is right for you.Some tablets can make you feel worse(I was shocking while on Prozac). It's not a matter of taking a tablet and weyhey I feel fantastic! I've been off work for about 9yrs now but it's also due to another illness which is a living hell! I now take 300mg of Venleflaxine,diazepam if needed especially when the pain from the other illness won't cease even with the aid of Oxycontin tabs 70mg morning n same at night and for breakthrough pain 25ml every 4 hours.n also L-tryptophan (Optimax).Is anyone else taking Optimax?My phychiatrist told me that out of 300 patients of his there's only me taking them.Even my GP can't prescribe them. I would try filling your day with stuff you enjoy doing n seeing if you can at least postpone the tablets.

I'm obviously in the minority but I found talking therapies so emotionally draining that it would take me about 3 days to want to get out of bed again. I prefer to chat to my cat occasionally! Personally, EFT is unlikely to help me as I get very worried in social situations that I'm going to embarrass myself and look like a freak, so tapping my face isn't going to make me feel less weird! Depending on whether you need any specialist counselling, there can be a long wait for that too. I was referred in Feb and still have no details of an appointment. At least the meds could be doing something while you wait! The downside of meds is definitely the side effects. Permanently dodgy tum and rubbish sex seem to be ubiquitous! There's no right answer, just what's right for you! xx

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