hello im new here

hello im not really sure how this works im new here.. im 21 and have been suffering badly with depression, anxiety and panic since about the age of 15 recently its all been getting alot worse and i have been to the doctors and she suggested cbt counselling i have tried this twice before and it has only made things worse i am on medication for the depression and anxiety but it doesnt seem affective. i was just wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for self help? i.e books, websites ect... im willing to try anything (someone once mentioned hypnotheropy however this is the one thing im not willing to try) any advice welcome please.... thank you

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  • Hi! You could try a herbal remedy it's called St Johns Wort. There is good reports about this herb. Search it on the web. All the best. Sam

  • thank you

  • Hi dbatch, depression for the most part is a biochemical deficiency or imbalance of the Brain/ Nervous system. Diet has a large part to do with it.

    Also I believe some people are more susceptible/sensitive to stress/anxiety and this can take a greater toll on the body and esp' the Brain and nervous system, so these people have a greater need for nutrients than others.

    There are short term fixes but best to include long term fixes as well such as diet/exercise (aerobics) no one is asking you to be an athlete, just start small and work up within your own limits. Fresh air, yoga helps enormously.

    Short term fixes are St Johns Wort, Vitamin B Complex, Niacin, Holy Basil and so on.

    In my experience, Pharmaceutical Antidepressants only numb things and give you that spaced out not really here feeling, which can work, but some studies show they are no better than placebo.

  • thank you i had never really thought of aerobics will definitly have a look into it. thank you for your message

  • Hello, yes I suggest you try another therapy. And take good care of yourself. Too much caffeine, bad food and lack of sleep can make people like us worse. Tell your doc cbt is no good and you want something else. Good luck!

  • thank you

  • I know this might sound silly butsomeone suggested i try adult colouring books. its quite therapeutic its seemed to help x

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