Feeling low

Feeling so low today its unreal. I have suffered with this depression on and off all my life from as far back as I can remember. I isolate myself and lock myself in my room away from everyone. I don't even enjoy the things I used to do, I just cant seem to "snap out of it". I am on meds and also seeing a psychiatrist as well as a psychologist for EMDR treatment. My meds have recently been increased as they wasn't working as well as they were to begin with, been on the increased med for al most 6 weeks and they don't seem to be working. Does anyone think I should contact my psychiatrist and look at increasing again or changing them all together?? Some tips/info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all for listening/reading my rant!!!!

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  • Hello there. Im sorry to hear you are feeling so low, hang in there, things will get better and brighter ☺ Maybe you should give these meds another few weeks? And if they don't work then I suggest you talk to your psychiatrist about changing medications. I wish you luck 💜

  • Hi ElliotParker thank you so much for your reply. I am hopeful that things will get better and brighter. As far as the meds go I have been on several different anti depressants at several different doses, I am currently on 225mg venlafaxine twice daily 300mg quetiapine twice daily and also on 7.5mg zopiclone. If I'm totally honest don't really want to increase as I want to be able to function properly and just be like a "zombie" if you know what I mean. Thanks for the advice. Take care.

  • That is meant to say not like a "zombie" lol typo lol.

  • Hi nessie71. Sorry you're having such a "downer" @ this time. I think Imfall into ex same pigeon hole as you. But my feelings of isolation & unwillingness, I think, come from my work, a lot of which must be done alone @ a desk re; sensitive/legal matters which I'm not allowed to discuss with anyone; even my wife! It's not that I'm doing a "Greta Garbo"; purely that I cannot have someone looking over my shoulder list I work. If I feel the need to talk @ these times, that's when our dog comes in!

  • Hi FB thanks for the reply, I have always managed somehow to get myself out of the depressive state on my own pretty much in the past, but this time I cant shift it all the thoughts and feelings whizzing around in my head all at the same time, it gets so confusing at times just like a ball of wool all tangled and knotted. I have tried what used to work for me before but this no longer helps. I'm going from one extreme to another in my sleep patterns sleeping too much/too little very snappy at times. I have 2 beautiful Siberian huskies 1 male and 1 female and they just know when I'm not well they don't leave my side, I love em to bits and sometimes they really help me to calm down. I hope you are ok, and you take care.

  • Hi..i have suffered all my life with this. Meds only cover the problem they dont fix it for everyone. X

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