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Hiya I'm Gem and new here so bare with me. For the past year I have suffered from attempting suicide many times, started self harming every day, hearing voices which are telling me I am no good and to hurt myself, I struggle to eat when I do the voices punish me because I am fat and ugly so I take diet pills and laxatives to get rid of the food. I have been admitted into hospital several times but each time they send me home after a weekend as they do not believe a word I am saying. My CPN used to be amazing now she doesn't believe me or my Psychiatrist doesn't I feel an absolute fraud but wondered if anyone else felt the same with their health or is it just all in my head. I also spend lots of money which I can not afford and run away from home as I don't want anyone to be close to me and don't want to be loved just want to be on my own. Thanks for reading this

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  • Hi Gem. I'm sorry that you're struggling. Has either your CPN or psychiatrist made any diagnoses?

  • They just said its psychological and a personality thing but neither of them believe me. Thanks for replying to me

  • If they haven't made an actual diagnosis, does that mean that you are also not on medication?

  • They put me on fluoxetine and olanzapine at the very start of it all but they don't work anymore

  • One of the worst feelings is feeling like someone doesn't believe you. One thing that you could try is writing down all your symptoms and taking the list to them and asking them to make a diagnosis or to prescribe a medication that will help. If they still don't believe you or won't listen to you, you might want to consider finding new providers.

    You always have support here.

  • Thank you very much for your help and support much appreciated

  • Hi Gem and your very welcome, can. I Ask you what age you are? You mentioned running away from home which made me think you were a teenager. It is awful to be not believed.


  • Hiya yeah I'm 27

  • Hi it's hard to know what to say to you without knowing your age. How old are you please? x

  • I'm 27

  • Can you see any way forward to hope or aim for. Anything that you could have control over.

    Things to reflect on to be grateful for ... Family friends physical health. Don't just flip to the negative but search hard for some positives and the write down only the positive ones. 3 positives to identify each day and write down

    Good luck

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