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Hi, i am a 30 year old woman. I've been feeling really low for quite a while now and feels like it's getting worse. I feel like i am not supposed to be happy in life, any little bit of happiness i have always gets taken away from me. Could i be going through depression? I am surviving on around 2 hours sleep every night , falling asleep around 12.30 then awake by 3am and can not fall back to sleep. I feel tearful and angry all the time, I have lost interest in everything and struggle to get through the day. I've been suffering bad head aches , chest pains, shaky hands , confusion and my weight has dropped. I hate feeling like this , want to just lock myself away from everyone. I don't really have anyone to speak to as family do not speak to me, i don't really have many friends. I am a bit worried to go to my GP as i have a 6 year old son and i don't want my GP to think i am not capable of looking after him..please if anyone could help i would be very grateful.

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you have depression and anxiety , if its been this way a long time you need to see your doc and get on a course of anti depressants , ssri meds are the best for you your doc will pick 1 he thinks best , but you do have to stay on them about a year after they work to stop you from crashing back down. dont worry I have taken the for 40 years they wont take your child away you love , your ill not a bad parent , good look and get off to the docs


Hi nice to meet you. I read a report recently saying many women with children won't go to the doctors with mental health issues because they are too worried they will be deemed 'not ft parents,' and their child will be removed.

This would only be the case maybe if your child was neglected or abused but even then they work with the parent to keep the family together. If they did take kids away because of depression then there would be a million kids in care! Depression is that common! So rest assured and please go and see your doctor. Depression is an illness like any other and is not a sign of weakness or being a bad parent. After all if you broke your leg wouldn't you seek treatment without the fear of losing your child?

Depression will sometimes ease or go away on it's own, but if yours isn't then you need to seek treatment so please don't delay. The sooner you start the sooner you will start to feel better. x

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Hi, I agree the sooner you get treatment the sooner you will feel better. There are also courses that the NHS run for free for stress management and anxiety and depression, so check in your area to see what there is.

Take care and I hope you are able to start feeling better soon.

A good nightly routine with some time to relax may help your sleeping issues, also a note pad and pen by the bed to write down any thoughts you have during the night might help you get back to sleep.

Take care.


I'm with the others, don't worry, they will want to help and support you...I had PND when my son was a baby and was afraid of the same thing and they didn't take him away. I met another mother who had 3 boys and had PND with each of them, and her boys were never taken from her either. Please do go and get the help you need, that's what they are there for, to help you, and as the others have said, it's a more common illness than a lot of people realize. Take care of yourself x


Thank you so much guys, i have been to see my doctor, she has prescribed me with 50mg sertraline for next 3 weeks then will increase the dose to 100mg. Ive never taken these before and have been advised that they will tend to make me feel worse before they make me better..Has anyone ever taken these before? xx


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