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intrusive thoughts and feeling low


I suffer from intrusive thoughts and I never seem to be able to get rid of them 100%, they always lurk there in the background even though they have decreased a little bit. I would love for them to leave my life completely as it puts such a block on my confidence and happiness. I want to live my life in a certain way and be free but these thoughts stop me from being fully free. All I want is to be free of them that's it so I can get on with my life. I also have depression and low mood but I'd be happy to deal with just that on its own in the absence of any intrusive thoughts because then all I would be able to watch videos, go on walks and play sport etc. whilst being able to relax and enjoy them. I might even feel some positivity if I were able to be free of these intrusive thoughts. I cannot emphasise just how much of a burden they are on me, all I want is not to suffer from them again. If I did get free of them, I could lead a semi-normal life, still one which was held back because of depression and my lack of interest in activities but one where I could relax and just deal with having depression, not depression and intrusive thoughts which is too much for me to handle.

How can I get free of them for good?

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Hello manutdsc

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Hi, Manutdsc. I take it the intrusive thoughts are sad or dark. Some folks (I'm one) never seem to have a quiet mind. It might help to start purposely thinking of something else or even start talking to yourself. Practice thinking of something pleasant, anything, the beach, kittens, your favorite ice cream. Think it over and over and it might just squelch the noise of anything more foreboding. If you start talking to yourself, start telling yourself encouraging things, like, " Come on, M, you can do this." If people start to look at you funny, just tell them you were saying a quick prayer. Now, I've just got everyone around me used to the fact that I talk to myself. Does that certify me as nuts? Ah, no. There's plenty of other stuff for that!

Hang in there!


Thanks I'll give it a go, one thing I have noticed though is even when the intrusive thoughts aren't there, I still feel quite blank and empty and don't want to do anything, depression basically. Is there any way that I can get fully free of depression and live an enjoyable, purposeful life?


There are many paths to take. First see a GP and/or a therapist. Try to figure out if your depression is due to trauma, brain chemistry, or both. Then you can figure out which direction to take. You'll discover if you must examine life events and whether (& which) medications will help you muddle through or actually change how you feel.

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I've just moved home so I will talk to the doctor tomorrow about moving forward, it is probably a bit of brain chemistry really, it feels like it and circumstances as well because of me not feeling like doing anything, it feels like a chemical balance and I just need something to boost me again. I have no enthusiasm for anything and just feel tired all the time.


See, you've already started to formulate a plan! You ate on the right path. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


yeah it's just whether it works or not. i just feel so tired most days and have no feeling or interest in anything. have you got free of depression?


I have used therapy and done well. This timearound was a life event I'm trying to get through. I try to syeer clear of medication.


how do you feel your life is better in getting free of depression


Hi manutsdsc! I have had this problem in the past, and CBT has really helped me. It gives you the tools to sort of reprogram your brain to get it out of ingrained negative thought patterns. If you speak to your GP, they can usually refer you. I recently did this (it was becoming problematic again after some good years without it) and the wait to see a CBT therapist was only a few weeks.


Thanks I have just moved back home today to try and get a bit of stability and finally get rid of these thoughts which are neither real or true. Without going into too much detail, they stem from fears of past experiences. When I was at home previously in the past, I never had these thoughts. I long to get back to that point again, I deserve to. I think I can in time, they have definitely decreased in severity, but I still am very depressed and have no life, I just feel nothing and tired all the time. Can CBT and pills fully let me recover from depression?


There's no guarantee, but I have had success with both medication and CBT, separately and together.

Look at it this way - if your leg started hurting and got really bad, you'd go to physiotherapy and maybe take pills for the infection right?

You can do it!

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Hi manutdsc

Try these tips:

1. Keep yourself busy, find jobs to do round the house, have a clear out of junk.

2. Try Mindfulness meditating, there's lots of free apps and books with CD's on Amazon, it really helps if you stick at it and you don't have to insist on having a clear head while you do it. Yoga is also good

3. Excerise at least 3 times a week.

4. Force yourself to go out and do something you enjoy - take action.

5. Drink plenty of water and eat healthily, vitamin D and Omega 3 EPA capsules (take 2000mg minimum a day) help loads with depression.

6. Socialise with friends or reconnect with old friends or make new one's, join a local running club or art club etc.....

7. Challenge your negative thoughts, if you have negative thoughts that can make you miserable then why can't you have happy thoughts that make you happy, right?

Try the above and see how you get on

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There must eventually be a point in the future where the thoughts I have will have gone completely because they can't last forever. Eventually I will be able to live fully free of them.That's a point I got to when I suffered from anorexia, i never have any obsessive thoughts concerning food now. I just eat what I want, I like food. I need to get to that point with these current ones (doubt about my identity/life) one day where I can finally be confident in myself and live relatively freely.

1. I am doing that, seeing family, sorting my stuff out, earning a bit of cash. Though as I'm depressed, i don't really see the value in such activities.

2. I've tried mindfulness, never really worked for me....

3. I walk/cycle every day.

4. Playing football or cycling come into this category, suppose i could do these things.

5. I'm eating a better diet, hopefully getting antidepressants, those ones which stop racing/intrusive thoughts.

6. I'm reconnecting with old ones, I'll let you know how it goes....

7. This one I will struggle the most on, I need some CBT really.


I too have racing thoughts that never seem to go away. Feelings of failure, constant worrying. I get to sleep ok but always wake early and cant get back to sleep. I have started doing the above 7 tips a couple of weeks ago but its a real struggle fitting it in. Depression and anxiety sucks


To get rid of those thoughts you no longer need or want here is a simple proved solution.

Have a notebook and call it your daily Journal. Every night before bed write down all the things on your mind. Things that are troubling you. Things you need to do. Anything just write until you can write no more. It may amaze you how you have written this is like talking to your long lost friend who will always be there for you in your hour of need.

This will clear your mind and you should be able to have a good nights sleep.

Take some very deep breaths whilst you are in bed and relax breathe in and feel free from the toes to the head then breathe out do this several times to help you relax.

We have to offload what is troubling us that is why we get bad thoughts because we are not clearing the clutter that is deep in beded in our heads.

read the book "The Road Less Travelled" by Scot Peck available from Amazon


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