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I am new here

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with under active thyroid. After a few weeks on thyroxine I was told,following a blood test , that my thyroid was back to normal

And I should take 75 mg of thyroxine daily.During the past seven years my blood

tests have all come back as normal and yet I have never felt completely well.

I have more or less constant dizziness and dull headache.Now my Doctor has told

Me these symptoms are due to depression and given me depression tablets.

Can depression cause the symptoms I have.?

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Hi nice to meet you. The answer to that is yes they can. Depression can cause all sorts of physical symptoms and one of the most common is headaches.

Do you think you are depressed? Do you think you have the symptoms? If not then I am surprised your doctor would say you are without doing many physical tests to rule out other causes.

For example dizziness can be caused by vertigo, headaches can be caused by any number of things.

If you look online there are depression tests you can do which might give you a guide.


Thank you for taking the trouble to answer .I have had many

Tests at my local hospital all of which have come back normal.

I am not sure about being depressed I feel down because I

never feel really well.I don't really know if I am ill because

I am depressed or I am depressed because I never feel well.


Constant dizziness and dull headache? What other symptoms do you have? Are those side effects of taking thyroxine?


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