It is getting worse

My depression is getting worse. I am not happy and I don't know if I ever will be again. I am not motivated to do anything. I find it extremely hard to get out of bed in the morning. Things that used to make me happy don't anymore. I am falling behind in school. I am losing friends because they "can't deal with my emotions". I need support and I just can't seem to find it. I can't keep living like this.

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  • Hello Singirl13,

    I am sorry for how you are feeling at the moment. How old are you? You say you are in school?

    Have you tried talking to anyone at school like a counsellor?

    Have you told your parents?

    You may need to see your doctor to enable you to get the support you need.

    But in the meantime, do try and get out for a little walk. It does help clear the thinking.

    Eat well, keep hydrated.

    You can keep living - you are young. Yes you need support and hopefully you will get this soon, and start to heal.

    Think positive! Hard I know, but sometimes we have to force ourselves or depression will engulf us.

    Best wishes 💗

  • I am 17 years old. My school guidance counselor retired about 3 months ago and we haven't gotten a new one. My parents think I make up my depression for attention so I don't really talk to them about it.

  • Hi. I suffer from depression & I take venlafaxine 300mgs daily. I attend a psychiatrist every couple of months. Maybe you ask your doctor to see someone. Hope you get sorted out. Sam.

  • Hello Singer

    We generally need to ask how old you are, if under sixteen we are generally told not to reply.

    There are other sites on the internet that deal with young people, although if not already talk to your Mam and Dad when this become so hard to control.

    If you are having problems at school tell your Parents, you can also talk to your Form Teacher who can help. If you approach your school take a family member with you


  • I am 17 years old

  • Hi Singgirl13,

    Sorry for asking your age, like borderriever says we generally cannot give out help to under 16s.

    Would your parents or one of, go to the doctor with you? If they will not can you go on your own?

    I know it must be hard if you feel your parents don't understand but it would help you a lot if you told them, I'm sure. It's always better to communicate with your parents.

    Like BOB said there are apps that are designed for young people.

    Try and keep active. Maybe structure your day a bit more and work in a walk or swim in there, any exercise releases natural feel good chemicals in our brains - endorphins, this will help.

    I find structure helps me a lot when I am depressed. Even though I have to force it, e.g. Having a shower, going out, little things like putting the vacuum round. They're all little things but if you can hold on to them it can make you feel a little more in control. It does for me anyway.

    Try you best to keep up with your school work too.

    I would ask at school when a new counsellor is coming or can they refer you to another school, as you really need help now.

    Best wishes 💗

  • Singgirl

    Have you talked to your family GP yet ?, you may get some help there. Sometimes we can get a great deal of negativity from family members. Sometimes it can be hard to understand their child is not as happy as they feel their child can be, especially if you feel you cannot sit down and explain why you feel the way you do.

    What has caused your unhappiness, ask your Mother if you can be taken to the doctor. If not in the UK you are able to make your own appointments and go by yourself.

    Make a list of your concens when you go to the GP this will help you not to forget anything you need to bring up, or what needs further explanation

    Let us know how you get on


  • Hi, sorry for the late response.

    I'm in quite a similar situation to you at the moment so I really feel for you.

    I would recommend speaking to your GP about your depression so that they can discuss the possibility of counselling or medication with you.

    I would also recommend letting someone know at school - but only if you're comfortable with that - so that they'll understand why you're falling behind with work or handing stuff in late. Obviously, if you feel that there's no one you can tell this stuff to at school, don't feel like you have to.

    Also, find someone that you can talk to, whether it's a friend or a relative. You don't have to tell them everything, just know that you can go to them when things start building up.

    I really hope that you'll be able to find the support you need. Good luck!

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