Starting back on fluoxetine

I've just started back on 20mg fluxeotine a day today after I weaned myself off 5 weeks ago. Without it ive been feeling like absolute hell. Anyone ever gone off them and back on? And how long did it take for them to start working again?

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  • I haven't. But I hope you start to feel better soon 👍🏽💗

  • You haven't felt better again?

  • No sorry. I am not on any antidepressant at the moment. I haven't been on and off them.

    I am sure you will feel better soon, if they worked for you before 👍🏽

  • I really hope so. I feel like my relationship with my partner is doomed :(

  • Why do you feel that way with your partner? Depression can make us feel doomed as well. It's part of the condition.

    Can you talk to your partner about your feelings?

  • Well I guess I just take it out on him and pick on things.. not sure if im over reacting or not. probably am but he annoys me now that I feel depressed. (wasn't like this before). I feel im wrecking everything :( I feel I want his full attention etc and its not happening, so I keep going on and on asking if hes happy with me etc, if that normal?

    he doesn't understand my situation either - having depression and mild anxiety plus I have been unemployed for just over 6 months and its really driving me insane having no job to go to each day.

  • Ok, I hope I understand. But it sounds like you understand that you react negatively because of the depression which is a normal reaction. Not a nice reaction though.

    Why do you think he doesn't understand your situation?

  • I think your right. Cuz he said he used to make fun of people who take anti depressants etc and his brother has PTSD n used to make comments about him saying hes just lazy and doesn't want to work etc. this was before I told him about me n wanting to see what id be like off the drugs. he also doesn't want me to live my whole life one them. especially if we have kids cuz he thinks it will affect me being pregnant etc. is that right?

  • Women do become pregnant and continue to take antidepressants but that is something a psychiatrist will be able to advise you on. There are risks of being on medication while pregnant and risks of not being on medication while pregnant. It depends on the levels of depression usually.

    I would not get caught up in thinking too far ahead of what you will be on or not on when you have children. Unfortunately as a woman, if we have suffered depression before being pregnant we are greater risk of post natal illness. It's not set in stone though. Some women have it after every baby, some women only after the last baby, some women only after the first baby, it can be very unpredictable, so I really would not worry too much about it.

    If you plan children, the best thing is to tell your midwife and GP you have suffered with depression. They should be able to support you through your pregnancy and post natal period.

    Breastfeeding on antidepressants is also ok, I did it. I loved breastfeeding my twins.

    Some meds are a no-no but those are the strong antipsychotic ones like lithium. But most antidepressant are compatible with breastfeeding too.

    Best wishes 💗

  • Thanks heaps :) I will try to just focus one day at a time! will be a while away yet.

  • Hello @Rachms11

    I remember your post a few days ago.

    I imagine it will take the same amount of time as it did the first time around. This can differ from person to person, just take them at regular times each day. I wish you well.


  • Hi Chloe40

    Im already starting to feel abit more positive again on my outlook of life :)

  • It's weird cuz now I feel strange and tired and not doing anything :( is this normal?

  • Yes my son is prescribed this .we tried weeding him off was horrid he went into a deep depression he suffers with bipolar. So I spoke to his DR and we put him back on them.withdrawing this medication is really hard the DR told me my son was going to feel ill. Thankfully his psychiatrist put him back on them a higher dosage now .I hope you feel better it will take about 2 weeks to get into your system .that's my experience with my son.x

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