Back on Amitriptyline

Well, I tried to come off it. Did about 5 months and o have gradually spiralled into depression and also have a huge hit of horrible anxiety to go with it this time.

I've tried SSRIs, I don't like them. I already have trouble sleeping and an SSRI makes me feel like I'm on speed so is no good.

My GP gave me venlafaxine but I have a reluctance inside to start the medication? I do worry about sexual side effects as I had those from the SSRIs 😕

So I am back on Amitriptyline.

I am wondering if trazadone may be a good option as I read it it good for insomnia and depression with anxiety. Does anyone have any experience with trazodone?

It hurts depression. I hate eventually having to admit to myself how I feel.

Good wishes to everyone x


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5 Replies

  • I've not had experience of Trazadone .. I have used amitrips .. Sorry I can't be of much help

  • Hi clazzy sorry to hear of your problems with amitriptyline i will admit they are not without there problems i take them at night to help me sleep ! Regards the venelafaxine i find it really good at controlling my depression if youve not been on it for long go back to your doctor's if you continue to have problems with venelafaxine after trying to take them for at.least 4 weeks go back to your doctor and ask if he can help ! Take care and all the best david

  • Thankyou for your reply David.

    I just feel like I'm in a cyclone of anxiety that is just whisking away my life.

    I can't even go out now coz I am so exhausted. My twin boy is supppsed tonne seeing a sleep specialist but that appt hasn't come through. I've literally not had a night of full sleep for 3.5 years. Having twins had been the hardest thing I've ever done. It's wrecked my physically and emotionally.

    I'm seeing my Gp on Tuesday for a review.

    I suppose I am happy trying venlafaxine as long as I can sleep at night which isn't guaranteed.

    I may ask if I can try another Z sleeping pill as zopiclone doesn't work or temazepam. Who knows.

    Thankyou to all of u for your support.

  • Hi there your welcome can i just add stay away from zopiclone as it can be very addictive ! My wife was on it for ages she had to come off for that reason take care david

  • Hello everyone. Just thought I'd update to say I saw my GP on Tuesday. I am back on my Amitriptyline. I am glad to be honest as it's worked fab in the past.

    Too many side effects from the venlafaxine for me.

    Thankyou for your help people. :)

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