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Struggling this evening

Hi, sorry to post a negative post but I'm struggling this evening. I went along to therapy and was told my case has been closed they've transferred me to another county. How anyone can do that when you are in the middle of therapy and not even tell you I have no idea. I feel so upset like I have been left without help especially when I spoke to the other team and they just thought i needed care coordination not therapy so nothing is organised. 🙁

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I can sort of relate here in regards to being let down by therapy organisations. Unfortunately I am under 18 (17 years old) meaning I have to attend a children's organisation who basically disregard all children. I attended two sessions, in the second session they addressed my anxiety and what I was afraid of, I told them i'm afraid of public spaces, and i'm not able to buy things in stores and other things like that. They wanted me to order a ticket and go to a cinema (something that has previously caused me a panic attack due to the crowded place). I told them i wasn't ready to do that and they discharged me on the basis of not willing to help myself. I was willing to help myself - I just needed to do it in baby steps!

I am so sorry you've been mistreated as well, it really isn't right when dealing with mental health as it takes a lot to seek help in the first place! To then destroy that trust is damaging to us! Perhaps you could go back to your GP and explain to them whats happened, they may be able to offer advice or refer you to another service that would be more suitable.

I wish you the best of luck - take care!


Thank you for replying. I'm just so hurt by it all and it was such a shock. I'm sorry you had a bad experience too. It should definitely have been little steps. Now you are 17 you might find some adult services like iapt will accept you. Hope it works out for you in future

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