Losing faith

Hi guys, hope you're all well?

I haven't posted in here for a while. I've been sorting my life out haha!

First of all, I've gone back to work. Only part time but it's a start right? Im still taking my medication and still going through 1-2-1 therapy. The problem I have now is that, I was referred to a DBT therapist for my borderline personality disorder. I received a letter through the door today saying that they've cancelled my referral and taking me off the list because Im not eligible because I dont self harm...

Npw, I dont know about you but, Ive been self harming since I was 12 and I stopped after years of therapy when I was 18, to be given that reason to not be able to go to a therapy specifially designed for your personality disorder is disgusting.. Im so angry.

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  • Sounds like the problems of a collapsing overstretched NHS. I can see how this happened with the best will in the world.

    Your therapist was presumably trying to get you on the course, but their referral has not been allowed.

    The dbt course is very expensive and there is great pressure on the places available.

    It would have been better to have had a phone discussion to let you know, but constraints of time would have made the difficult.

    Very sorry to hear this, but suspect you have to come to terms with this although your mental health problems make this difficult.

    At least you still have some therapy going

    Best wishes

  • Hi Lawren, My response is basically for Goldfish. THE PATIENT, isn't it suppose to be about the patient ? Instead all concern and sympathy goes to the medical facility. There is always plenty of justification and rationalization going on while the patient is screwed. This makes me nuts obviously. What would happen( THIS IS ONLY A QUESTION , NOT ADVICE) If a patient suggested they were afraid they were regressing? Would they be able to go back to the therapy that was working? Just accepting being pushed around by the system does not seem to be in the patients best interest to me. Please understand I'm not blaming you. Goldfish, and I know nothing about the British Health Care System. I do recognize unfairness when I see it.

    Back to Lawren, Good luck to you and let us hear how you get on. Pam

  • The problem is balancing the patients wants and needs with a limited service. Decisions have to be made to ration what is available as it is a limited resource. Is this unfair?

    I think everyone tries their best

  • Well I acknowledge your greater familiarity with the situation, however that always seems to be the case. Especially in the field of mental health. I think it still has a stigma attached to it, and if people can't see a problem it doesn't exists. Boy am I feeling feisty today. Pam

    ps. I don't think everyone tries their best, some people just collect paychecks.

  • Certainly it doesn't attract the budgets that cancer and life saving services do.

  • I forgot to ask. Has the wedding taken place yet? If so did it go well?

  • Its on Saturday. Im doing some very odd things now and not managing well at work. Shameful and embarassing

  • That's exactly how people would expect you to behave. You have the best excuse in the world. Grab on to this day Dave, and get everything you can out of it.

  • Dave, are you able to cut your hours back a little more?

  • Its not related to the amount of work. Work was something I found helpful for structure, interest etc, but now that seems to be going as well.

  • Ok, thankyou I understand. That's depression.

  • Oh yeah, knowing you Dave, you're probably beating yourself up over the "shameful and embarrassing" aspect of your illness. I'd like to say one thing re that: STOP IT, just jolly-well STOP IT.

    Ok, I'm done ☺

  • spot on, but this may be the undoing of me

  • Food for thought:

    A patient comes in to see you. They tell you their concern(s) and end with: "but this may be the undoing of me [Dr]."

    And your response to that statement would be ... ?

  • I'm sorry to put you in such an awkward spot Lizbet, but I'm just writing what I feel. I seem to be talking myself into suicide. My psych wants me to try and see that there is some uncertainty about this, but my view remains very black and certain, although I would love to change.

    Anyway. Thanks for your interest

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