Not got a job due to contract ending - started relationship counselling

Hi all its been a while, job hunting again not feeling confident and getting quite low because there are few jobs, started counselling yesterday which is for however long I need it for, quite hard going, felt upset about when I got home, talking about it brings it to the forefront of my mind. I do hope it helps, feeling all sorts of feelings, highs and lows. Not having a job is getting difficult, just managing though. No support off husband continually calling me names Retard and brain dead , need to make a decision about my life if I stay or go. Have an appointment at MIND to tomorrow to help with confidence strategies at work. Caring for my husbands dad as he needs help cleaning his house, doing his washing, The other son turning blind eye, sees I am doing it and lets me get on with it, all well and good but what about when I return to work, I looking after things at home cleaning and cooking, how would I manage when I start working again. Husband will have to start cooking and helping out. Last time he said it was women's job. He complains all the time, this will finish me off, no support.

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  • It sounds like youre on the case, but it would be good if your husband could attend a counselling appointment with youas it sounds like it is important he is involved

  • True but he says he is ok

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