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Hi guys need a bit of help if possible, lately I've been doing brilliant after doctor took me off certain tablets that the crisis team gave me, but for the last week or so when I'm doing something that involves lifting, I'm getting quite a lot of pain round my heart area, I don't know if it's it's strain or something from lifting but it makes me stop, and put down what I'm lifting, I'm fine normally it's when I lift things I get the pain, I was at shops and had to by 8litres of milk and when I was carrying it I could feel the pain starting, its enough pain to make me stop, what's going on is it just strain or should I try and see a doc or so thing

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  • Hello phil176uk,

    I do not know what it is. It could be linked to your medication reduction only a doctor will be able to establish that. On the other hand it may not be or the pain my not be coming from your heart at all

    I would strongly suggest you see your Gp. If in the meantime the pain gets severe or changes or you just feel unwell gonto a&e. Never take chances with your heart.

    Best wishes ❤️

  • Hi.was it anitdeprent tablet they stopped. Coz that can give u same fillings .but it dose sound like u have pulled yr muscle. Wood corse that filling. Or cos u come of a tablet like anitdeprent u will go throw that to.wen they stop mine good I went down so hart my anxiety was so bad .I mite b wrong .but go see it gp. Good luck 😊

  • Hello Phil, yes ,certainly see your GP. its probably nothing to be terribly worried about but you should be concerned and seeing your GP will help put your mind at rest.

    Delighted to hear you're doing better after stopping some of the tablets. In a way its a disgrace that prescribing drugs to help is such a lottery and often drugs can make things worse but its hard to see in the present poor knowledge of medical science about mental stress how that can be avoided sometimes. My opinion is that a proper scientific approach to some of our problems is years away and in the far off future the current attempts to deal with these problems will appear laughable. However they are very slowly making progress and we have to recognise its a very difficult problem to solve and I' m sure the medics are doing their best.


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