Hurting from a break up HELP!

Hi everyone I'm in utter termoil at the moment. I'm going through a break up. My partner started to see a therapist to get himself through his issues with drinking (not alcoholic) and things he's going through with his dad. So basically we split up 3 months ago and I moved out and I didn't speak to him for 2 weeks and within that time I slept with my line manager (dumb I know) anyway he wanted a relationship and I said I wasn't interested as I still have feelings for my x. Anyway my x then contacted me to say he was finding it hard to get over me and he missed me and wanted to start again. He asked if I had slept with anyone and I told him I did and who. He was upset and we didn't speak for a day or 2. He said he did t trust me and he thought I had cheated on him (which I didn't) I was honest with him but it ruined the relationship from there we tried to get back together and it was great for a while but then he started seeing this therapist and he is the total opposite now he broke up with me and said I still want to be friends but I can't deal with your issues as well as mine and I want to concerntrate on myself. He started a new job today and last night I was crying to him and he wasn't like he used to be he seemed to not care and even smiled while I was crying. He said to me only the other week he loved me to bits but now it's like he doesn't care. I'm so upset and I haven't been going to work. I'm a single mum (he isn't the father) and I don't have many friends or any faint to support me. I've just moved into an apartment but I'm just so upset. I feel like I can't go on without him and everything is just going down hill. I don't know what to do. I just want to stay in bed all day and do nothing but cry and get rid of the pain. Please someone help what do you think he's doing?

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  • Hello there,

    This is a depression forum and not a relationship forum, it may be better for you to check out a forum that suits your needs,


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