So scafdd

hi I feel very scared 😓,I've applied for loads of jobs and haven't heard back from anyb they Just say under review,and i don't feel I can go back to the job I've been signed off sick from the thought off it Is making my feel tearful scared,I just don't know how I'm.going up.get by I cant stop crying and would get yelled at for being signed off for these two weeks.

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  • Hey annymonous

    Calm yourself please, it's very early days to hear back about a job interview, especially if there were lots of applicants. I now how anxious you get and it isn't helping you, I also understand how upsetting an frustrating it is when your waiting to hear news.

    So,take a few deep breaths and hang on in there, all will become clear soon. May be an idea to check out a Mindfulness body scan, you can listen to these free on a well known tube!


  • hi Chloe thankyou for your advice yeah your right.its an application for I was waiting to hest back from it says under review thankyou xx

  • Hi annymonous

    I can understand the words 'under review' sound off putting but it only means they are dealing with your application. Take it easy :-)


  • hi Chloe thankyou xx

  • Hello, I have just read your post today and your previous ones. You do sound very anxious about your work situation and say you can't go back there. You also say that your Dr has signed you off sick, and thinks that you shouldn't go back to it? Well if that is the case, please listen to your Dr, he/she has assessed you and in their opinion you are not fit to work because of ill health. Their opinion is the most important one, not your work, and because you are so anxious and poorly at the moment, it is even more important than yours, as I say at the moment. You will get better and improve. Try to accept you are poorly now, it doesn't matter that you were ill last year, that is in the past. What is important is today.

    I am SO glad you have a dog, they are the best medicine in the world, and the best nurses. I have a cocker spaniel called Molly who is my main carer 🙂. She always knows when I need a cuddle, and always sleeps near me, much to my husband's displeasure! She is always so happy to see me, and wags her little butt off.

    You say you haven't showered or changed your clothes since Tuesday, time to stop being hard on yourself. As humans we can survive quite well without showering everyday, yes we may get a bit stinky but so what. I know how difficult it can be to summon up the energy to get out of bed, let alone into a shower, and the thought of warm water on my head aargh....when I am poorly I get panic attacks in the shower. I have gone months without a shower and guess what I am still here, no nasty bugs have killed me, I haven't broken out in some nasty skin disease. The only thing I would try really hard to do is brush your teeth daily and chew sugar free gum. This will stop any tooth decay coz the last thing you want is toothache!

    Please make sure you eat everyday, something nice. Drink lots of fluid.

    Now work. It sounds to me as if you are really unhappy there, and almost frightened. Is there someone at work you like and get on with? Perhaps you can suggest you contact work via them so that things are not so stressful. Well done for applying for other jobs, however I would be guided by your Dr. Most Dr's I know don't sign people as being unfit for work, just because work is tough. Your Dr obviously thinks you are ill regardless of you being at work or not. What I am saying is that even though you may change your job, you will still be ill. Maybe take some time to get better and stronger, then look for a new job?

    Anyway, take care.


  • thankyou yea you're absolutely right ,my dog is such a big don't feel I can contact anyone ay work as I feel there all against me annoyed at me for getting signed off yet Dr said she thinks this should ne the end off the road amf suggested I apply for retail jobs.i hahr done so but mu application forms all say under review.I would resign for health but apparently I cant claim.jsa for quitting someone said but my Dr said she thinks it should be the end off the road with this job.dp.i dont knkw if the job centre will allow me very anxious and we kept being told off loads,I just couldn't cope it was horrible ,yeah I am ill iveself hsrmed in yhr past I got that bad the day before I.goy signed off I.visited Samaritans I dont feel.much better just if I.go back.i.will be yelled at for bej g signed off.just so scared its horrific,I have no idea what to do

  • You can claim JSA if you left your job for health reasons but they would question whether you are fit for work. If you did leave your job though your best bet would be to carry on getting a sick note. If you have to sign on JSA after that there would be no problem getting it.

  • Hello again, well I think you do know what to do, don't go back. Does your Dr think you are well enough to work somewhere else? If you have been signed off sick, all you need to do is send in your fitnote and you should get sick pay. How about contacting the CAB and see if they can give you some help dealing with work and how to leave without any penalty. You could perhaps call the job centre and explain what has happened and ask what your options are. Make sure that you write things down that you want to say because it is so easy to forget or become stressed and not be able to speak. It does sound as if your work environment is not healthy, there is never a good enough reason to shout at anybody and you should be treated with respect and courtesy, even if things go wrong. I think you will have to go via the sickness route with work to be eligible for ESA. Have you spoken to your manager since you went off sick? What were they like? Did they give you a hard time? I don't know the company you work for but, if it is a medium to large company they should have policies and procedures in place for sickness and how it should be handled. Have you a staff handbook? If it is a small company things are a little difficult and there may just be one person who is the manager and who deals with everything else. Search online for something like my rights at work when sick, make sure you get UK websites, they may have some useful information. You haven't said what your condition/illness is, and that is fine, I am not trying to pry, but if you have been diagnosed with a condition there maybe support groups locally that can help you.

    I know it is easy to say (type), but please try not to be scared. You sound as if you have a good and understanding Dr. You maybe worried about finances, sorry I can't help there, but again your local CAB may be able to help. You have your lovely dog to look after you, he/she adores you, you are their whole world and they will protect you. I hope you have your own door that you can close and then feel safe. Take care.


  • hi thankyou. Yeah my dad phoned up for me and apparently my manager was nice yo him and said they just hope I get better and either way I will still.have a job if I want or they completely understand if I don't want to come back because of jhealth but I feel there all Dr didn't say whether she thought I could work somewhere else bit my Dr asked me what I would do if I didn't work there and she said she feels its got to ne the end off the road for my health I'm suffering fro. Depression and anxiety and everyday I felt terrfified incase I got I'm trouble abdvat the pressure ofvofstef coming thanuou for your help really dpes help to know im not alone xxin.

  • I feel the same.. sort of! I hate my job so much, it's made me ill again and so unhappy. I come home so tearful every day so ive come to the decision i need to start applying again, i'm just worried as last time i applied for jobs i applied for over 50 and heard nothing back. My parents wont allow me to quit my current job unless i get offered a new one. I feel so stuck and tearful, i can't stay there much longer

  • sending you hugs its a horrible feeling,I have no idea what I'm going to do sending you hugs xx

  • ig you want to talk I'm here for you xx

  • Hi dont worry about getting replys from job applications your be very lucky if you ever get a reply only the ones who are intrested, thats the way it is now sorry to say. You do not have to stand for anybody yelling at you because you have been put on the sick, that is abuse its not your fault. Look for something you enjoy doing, forget work and get out you just might see an advert in a shop window that takes your fancy. Don't suffer at the hands of a works bully.

    Best wishes hazebren x

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