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I'm new here and looking for new friends so we can help and support each other.

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Hi Everyone.

I have no idea what i'm supposed to write here. I'm currently signed off sick from work. I work in a school as a Teaching Assistant and have only managed about 3 full weeks since September. I have been signed off for 2 whole months so far - and just been signed off till the new year. My Dr has weaned me off my old meds and has just started me onto new meds.

I'm really struggling to to get motivated to do anything - and its supposed to be Christmas - the season to be jolly!!

Hopefully I am not the only one in this situation!!

Denise x

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Hi, I'm welcoming you with warm hugs. Don't worry, you're not alone. I guess it's hard to force yourself to be jolly and motivated like everyone else in this festive season. But I hope you could at least enjoy it, like maybe anticipate some great food or other small things. People here are very kind and supportive, so don't worry! I'm Fangs, btw, and my best wishes are with you ^^

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Hi Denise, you do not say what your illness is? Obviously the school are aware and are hoping you can cope when you go back. This year has been trying for a lot of us, myself included, I have had three members of my family ill. Do not worry if you cannot get into the Christmas spirit, hopefully your new medication will kick in and you will be feeling much better. Suggest you take each day as it comes. The more you fret and worry the worse you will make yourself. Take care Helen X 😃

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Hiya - thanks for the lovely message. I'm signed off with anxiety and depression. I also have Type 2 Diabetes and Sleep Apneoa!! And I am morbidly obese and know deep down this is possibly the root cause of my problems - but I have no willpower or motivation!! xx

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I am sorry that you have so many problems. Do you not have a friend or family member to help you? You need someone who will motivate you and help you lose weight and become more confident. Could you try looking at what you eat and drink, Coca Cola is full of sugar water is best, I hope you have someone, if you don't I am willing to support you, you need to get relaxation tapes for your anxiety, if you are alone a lot this is not helping you either 😊💐🤗xxx

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Welcome to our forum. The holidays always seem to bring out the best and unfortunately the worse in some people.

I find I can be a little cynical at this time of year. I sometimes go in a tangent about how it's all about greed, big corporations looking to make money because everyone and their pets are getting gifts, buying all sorts of crap that ends up shoved in the back of a closet after a month of the novelty wearing off.

I have to remind myself that it's only like that IF I allow it to be like that. I try to remind myself and my kids that it's about spending time with family, going to extra mile to help people and give, do acts of kindness that you normally wouldn't do. Now saying that, it should always be like that. Year round. I do admit though, I like to look at the Christmas lights and decorations, and when I'm able to get in that kid mode and actually enjoy the splendor of the real meaning of the holiday.

Enough rambling.. :) I know you find the support you need here. It's good to post your thoughts and feelings and have people respond positively. It's good healing assistant.

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Hi dear,

Praying for you!! I totally know how you feel. I joined the forum today so you can read my post 😄. It's been a tough year with my hubby's cancer, layoff, and moving 6.5 hours away to Boston last month for a new job. My clinical depression relapsed a month before he moved to Boston for his new job. Now I'm also trusting God to help me while on Day 3 of increasing my Paxil from 15mg to 30mg.

I'll try to do this too...Take it one day at a time, sweetie, and be gentle to yourself. You're doing the best you can!😇🤗

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gilip in reply to sophgirl

Wow you have had a lot on your plate how are you now 2 months later are your meds working I am interested how is your husbands cancer etc and his new job??

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