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Hi all, I'm new on here and just wanted to Introduce myself. I'm a young 65 year old male, I'm married and have two boys who have both flown the nest. After a serious spinal accident at work I've been suffering with Chronic back pain, leg pain and Depression now for the past 31 years. On my long journey over the years I've lost count of all the different types of treatments and spinal injections I've had, plus all the different types of medication I take, like Fentanyl, Oramorph, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline, Celecoxib, Venlafaxine, Trazodone and a few others for different things. Even with all these treatments and medication I take I'm now at a point where my chronic pain is so bad (10++) I don't know what else my consultant can do for me, which has not helped my depression.

That's me, there's a lot more but I'd be writing for hours.

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  • Hello there Alfie1952

    Welcome to our friendly Forum here on Action on Depression. We're very pleased to have you with us.

    I'm so sorry you are suffering like this, you're certainly going through it aren't you? it's no wonder you're feeling down but you'll find lots of information and support here, so look upon us as your new group of friends.

    You may also like to join the Pain Concern Forum on Health Unlocked, they will offer you lot's of support for your pain.

    Warm wishes


  • Hi Chloe,

    Thank you for your very warm welcome, I'm sure I'll make full use of your forum. It's nice to know that I have a new group of friends to help and support me. As you mentioned I will have a look at your Pain Concern Forum for help with my chronic pain.

    Thank you, Alfie 😀

  • Have you tried acupuncture by a good Chinese practicioner in/at your nearest Chinese centre

  • I have tried it on a number occasions and it did help in the early days, but it does not work now.

  • Alfie 1952

    I had a serious back injury when I was 30 , i was okay If my wife put my socks on in a morning but by the time I was home from work I was near to tears , someone told me to go see see a man who had trained in Japan and he gave lectures to trainees . See If you can find someone long in the tooth .

    I hope this helps ( my back injury is gone although when I went for some orthotics for my shoes I was told I had a twisted spine . I had suffered my injury for 2-1/2 years )


  • I've tried all sorts of other treatments over the years and I've not yet found one that works for me. As I said in my first post I did get some relief from spinal blocks for a number of years, but they started to lose there affect over time and my consultant was so concerned at the amount I'd had over the years and the damage it was doing to my body she refuses to do anymore on me.

  • Sorry to hear that , pain is so difficult to live with , when I was visiting Lytham a few weeks ago , whilst walking through a small arcade there was a shop selling crystals , oil , and other things . And to my surprise they sold the stuff you smoke .

    Might be interesting

  • Things you smoke, that sounds interesting, although I don't smoke so no good for me. I've done all the crystals and oils, my niece is a fully qualified masseur and she uses crystals, oils and other stuff. She has given me massages on a number of occasions and it helps at the time but 48 hours later the pain is back just as bad. She not local to me so I have to wait for her to visit us, but now she's reluctant now to do it just in case she huts me. I've now taken up art and to my surprise I can actually paint, I joined a local arts on prescription group where you go once a week for 10 weeks. But once you finish that you can attend a art group once a week, I've found it very helpful as a distraction. I've now been doing it for a while, so I now volunteer for arts for Health which is based at out local hospital. On a Wednesday morning each week we do art with a group of lovely people suffering with dementia, I get satisfaction from helping others and they turn out some lovely work.

  • I'm pleased to hear about the art therapy group you have joined , it must be very fulfilling . There's a lady on the site called satsuma who is a artist , and it was her that I first heard the mention of smoke , I don't smoke either but I know of one man who has MS and he has never smoked either but has used it .


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