Depression Medication-Citalopram 10mg

I've just been to the doctors for my depression and because i've had counselling before, they said I should try medication for it. They have given me Citalopram, 10mg and i'm unsure on whether I should take it or not. Has anybody got any advice who has taken this drug before? Does it help at all?

I'm going on holiday next week and I don't want to take it now and feel even worse while i'm away.

Could really use some advice, thanks

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If you are depressed take the medication. I have been on this medication for quite a few years and in my case all ok.

If you are going to have appointment with a CPN possibly they will suggest a medication for you to take, I would advise to take it, sometimes they will ask for you to take medications as they conduct your appointment

Good Luck



I agree with Bob, if you've been prescribed it, give it a go. Generally anti depressants don't make you worse, although everyone is different so our experiences could be completely different to yours. Did your doctor explain why he thought meds were the best treatment at this time? Did he explain how they work? I was on citalopram 60mg for about 2 years and never had issues. You need to remember as well that the meds don't start working immediately, they take a couple of weeks to get you feeling a difference. How they work, but remember, if you feel like they're not, be honest with your doctor cos they can slowly increase the dose over time until it suits you.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday. Xx


Thank you so much for this response.

Do you think I should start taking these meds right away? I'm going on holiday a week tomorrow and don't want to feel really bad while I'm away, I've seen a lot of people saying te first week is really bad?


Yeah, start taking them straight away, as Lucy said it's quite a low dose so pretty minimal side effects. Plus, you're going to be on holiday so that's bound to lift your mood anyway. Try not to think about the medication and what side effects you could have cos that'll just make you feel worse about everything. I didn't have any side effects at all on citalopram and I found they were the best medication for me, so fingers crossed you'll be the same. If you're still concerned, why not start taking them now but see if you can get an appointment with your doctor before you go away just to explain your worries and ask them to explain how the medication works. It's always less scary if you know how and why it works. Good luck :) xx



I am on Citalopram and have found it helpful. Your GP has started you on a very low dose which is good as that means you should not have any extreme side effects, I would start taking them right away, also you might think about what time of day to take them as I find it better to take mine in the morning but some pe4ople prefer taking them at night.


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Yeh fill your boots, you'll be fine. That's a really low dose and side effects will be minimal. Give it a few weeks before you feel any real effects and don't be afraid to ask for a higher dose if you need it. GP's can prescribe up to 60mg of citalopram x


Hi bird girl

I went to my doctor yesterday who prescribed citalopram 10mg I took mine straight away. I had headache all day but that was all. I've been on these before last November and they were life savers. Give them ago.when I started on mine last year I started on them on the 2 nd November and the 10th I flew to Dubai and then to Hong Kong. Xxx


I take citilapram, and honestly 10mg isnt going to do a lot to be honest. Its just a start dose. Citilapram has given me my life back. Im calm, things are clear. I can function. I almost feel normal, or is this normal??lol . My thoughts are clear. My memory is crap, but you cant get everything.

What you have to realise, they have to try different tablets because one might suit one persons chemical balance in the brain, or another ,,, so you have to give it a month before you can say,,, its in your system.

It was like coming out of a dark dream, each day something was brighter, clearer, and very small things got better, each day, so by the end of a week, I started to be born again. So when something works ,,, it works. I was so glad for this drug because, others just made me feel awful, drozy , cloudy the plug was half out,,, type feeling. Not on full cylinders yet feeling.

I take 40mg, between as I was before and the after effects ie for me memory, its a small price to pay I think.

I hope that gives you a better understanding of things.



Thank you all for your advice, it has helped me so much with understanding the drug, the doc didn't tell me exactly what to expect or what it does.

I've just taken my first tablet and i'm glad I have, seeing that it has helped a lot of people, I need to give it a go.

My depression is on and off, and yesterday was the first day that somebody told me I 'had' depression, so i'm still feeling a bit confused as to what this now means for me, as up until yesterday, I viewed it as having some low days, some really just terrible days mixed with some good, so now i've been told that I actually have depression, its a bit scary for me.

I don't want to solely rely on meds to make me better so I will be trying my best with exercise, eating well and may even try meditating! Does anybody have anything they find helps bring there mood up, other than medication?

Hopefully I will start to feel better soon.

Thanks for all the advice


ALSO.. As I said I'm going to Portugal on the 17th of this month and I plan on letting my hair down and eating what i want and also having a few drinks and the people i'm going with do love to drink!

Is drinking alcohol ok on 10mg?!


Alcohol is fine on whatever dose of Citalopram. I've been on 40mg and still been able to drink x


You are on a low dose so you should start taking them straight away as they can take a few weeks to get in your system. I would take them at the same time everyday, I used to take my at night but some take them in the morning it all depends what type of medication and when you would remember to take it most. I used to be on this medication a few years ago but now I am on 45mg Mirtazapine at night to help with anxiety, depression and sleeping.


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