Does depression cause you any physical symptoms?

As in do any of you with depression feel chronically fatigued or weak? tire easily?

I have been diagnosed with depression after a year struggling with an underactive thyroid and anxiety. I have suffered anxiety for 4 years after I was attacked by my brother which led to anxiety and agoraphobia. I overcame it all then last year became ill with chronic fatigue and weak legs. I was diagnosed hypothyroid and put on medication. My chronic fatigue isn't lifting, and I often have energy crashes that land me in bed for a couple of days if i over do things or mostly anything emotional, if I see my mother or sisters who resent me for not forgiving my brother, basically anything to do with family lands me in a crash. My GP says this is all down to the depression and anxiety and it's why anything emotional triggers my chronic fatigue/crash feelings. Daily I feel fatigued and weak and again my GP is saying it's linked to the depression, partly the thyroid.

I just wondered if anyone could relate to physical feelings they experience, not just the mental symptoms with depression.

Thank you


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  • Hi Julie

    Welcome to the site! Everyone here is friendly, supportive and non-judgemental! We ask all new members to read the community guidelines to the right of your screen.

    Relating to your post, I have anxiety & depression which can often affect how tired I feel & leave me zonked out for a of days after a couple of hours shopping, meeting up with my family & even an hour at church! However, depression is different I too suffer from hypothyroid & Im on medication this also contributes to my tiredness! Depression is unique to each to each person along with anxiety and has been known to cause tiredness! I suffer from depression & anxiety and often have to allow at least 48 hours between activities! This is not the same for each person! Others on the site will have different experiences & are affected in different ways which I am sure they will share these with you!

    Has your GP done any blood tests to check if you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia? I say this as you mention a few times your Chronic Fatigue affects you & your body crashes after doing certain activities!

    Sending You Warm Wishes. spykey 🤗

  • Thank you for your reply.

    Anxiety certainly can be draining i know it all too well.

    Over the last year I have had chronic fatigue, I've not been diagnosed with the syndrome but my GP ran a full MOT twice last year and only 3 months ago tested full bloods, b12, folate, ferritin, kidney and liver function, blood film, HBA1C, glucose, glandular fever, creatine kinase and nuclear antibodies. He said they were to rule out anything other than thyroid. All ok. He wants to refer me to a general medical doctor in the hospital who he thinks then may diagnose CFS but I don't need the label as I have been told they won't offer me anything other than CBT and medication which I am doing already. He strongly suspects it's what I have along with the thyroid and depression. I suspect the chronic fatigue comes from my thyroid but also how depressed and anxious I am.

    I have agoraphobia which makes my life really hard and adds to my anxiety daily, I fear needing a dentist, doctor, hospital.... every day it makes me worry. What if my children were in hospital etc... I am thankful I have a husband who can help me and do those things with the children but then I turn it on myself thinking i am less of a wife and mother for being this way this last year since being unwell physically, which led to all this depression.

    Thank you for your kind reply.


  • This sounds like me I can't tell u hw much it means I have tears rolling down my face it's soo hard no one understands they just judge

  • I feel the same way. Everyone just assumes ur lazy and always letting them down because you over sleep. I currently have been in my jammies for days and slept throughout the entire of yesterday which was my sisters birthday. The pressure now to make it up to her is overwhelming me. I'm glad there are people who understand cause my gp doesn't. Get up and go is the advice I've been given.

  • I'm so sorry you're struggling. Those that judge us like I've said above I've been there, well they don't deserve us. I've had to make the decision to walk away from my mother because of her hurting me.

    Hugs to you x

  • Awww I'm sorry I made you cry, now I'm emotional that someone is struggling like I am.

    I have had chronic fatigue for a year. Last year whenever my mother and step father visited my step father would call me lazy, and if I said I will go and do some jobs so hubby didn't have to do anything when he got in from work he would mutter 'that makes a change" and my mother would allow it. It broke my heart. There was me struggling with chronic fatigue and a thyroid issue. My children were being taken care of by me daily, cooking, light housework, feeding pets etc.. and all I asked hubby to do was hoover the house and mop twice a week or wash a couple of pans that needed elbow grease. My hubby is amazing and never batters an eyelid. I'very had no support the last 4 years since I was attacked by my brother other than my wonderful husband. My mother left me to it as did my sisters. I was resented for not forgiving him. My mother knew I was ill a year ago and she knows I am still to this day and has never offered a single day of support. Yet I'm called lazy. It's so unfair.

    I have no friends anymore since I was attacked because they couldn't handle my agoraphobia and panic attacks. My only friend lives 90 minutes away and I'm so grateful we speak daily and she is a wonderful support. I've just got my husband and children. It hurts me othere have the cheek to think we are lazy. My poor son was bullied for over a year and last winter was suicidal, he was 11 years old. It broke me down and thsts when all this chronic fatigue and anxiety returned. Then they found the thyroid illness but my gp thinks I've had depression and cfs since my son was bullied aa seeing him so depressed and suicidal those 3 months broke me, I still cry about it now a year on and now he's doing amazing I'm so proud of him. Again though my mother wasn't there for him.

    Sorry to ramble on.

    Huge hugs to you x

  • Hello - yes it can to answer you question.

    I am still not stable with my depression. My energy levels are in my boots at the moment. It's horrible as I've got nearly 4 yr old twins and it's half term.

    I think depression is different for everyone but there are some common symptoms to the illness.

    I can say though try not to make yourself feel any worse by loading yourself with guilt. Be easy on yourself. If you have a bad day, try and accept that and know you will have better days when you can accomplish more. This is a lesson I am just applying to myself after nearly 4 years of little sleep and depression/anxiety. I know when I feel good I get things done and catch up but if I'm feeling particularly tired and worn out I am easier on myself nowadays.

    I hope you get some answers from the hospital doc.

    Try and keep positive x

    Much love ❤️

  • Thank you.

    I appreciate your kind reply.

    Sadly I'm working with anxiety and agoraphobia so I can't even get to a hospital appointment 😣 Which makes me feel even worse about myself and that I'm letting my children and husband down being this way.

    Thank you.


  • I can second your emotions sadly. I struggle with manic depression. Am 32, married with two little boys living with my in-laws currently. I have spent the last 5 days in bed sleeping all day/night. Though I'm called lazy by many, I'm the furthest thing actually. I can make a home shine cook meals for days be the best mom possible but when my depression gets hold of me forget it😯😥. I'm useless. I hate that we have to feel this way, makes my heart hurt for so many of us husband I think is at his end with me it's been 11 years of me battling my dark days and I guess I can't blame him but that thought leaves me even more empty. My heart goes out to all. Keep fighting we will be okay eventually❤❤

  • Oh Sunshine I am so sorry.

    I have no idea what is going on with me, I have an underactive thyroid and my GP thinks chronic fatigue but it could be related to depression and anxiety. I can have days of more energy and feel great, the next I feel weak in my legs, fatigued beyond belief and cry all day and need to go to bed and rest. I have to drag myself out to make meals and drinks. Having 3 kids and having to cope all day alone with no support is tough, hubby is great once home but he is out the door 7-7 5 days a week.

    I know what you mean, some days I juset sit crying and I swear my husband is sick of me. He says he isn't and he just wishes things would get easier for me. I have had a tough 4 years, I was attacked by my brother in 2012, I lost my Nan shortly before and then my mother and siblings treated me terribly for 2 years because I wouldn't forgive my brother, then I became ill wiht chronic fatigue and they found my thyroid was struggling. i am on medication for it the last 9 months but still struggling with awful weakness and faitgue and I crash if I over do things and land in bed exhausted for a day or 2. Those are the days I sit crying, anxious what's wrong with me to feel so exhausted.

    It's draining and I can sympathise with you are feeling. Huge hugs to you. You are not lazy, I have been called that despite daily taking care of the children, house and pets all while feeling I have little energy.

    Julie xxx

  • Oh, I so feel for you. When the depression takes course your muscles ache, brain feels foggy, I have a tough time making decisions at times I will even refuse. I've been known to make a few bad ones that had pretty bad consequences. My husband used to be patient with me until last summer when I had a few month long manic episode that resulted in me making some very unforgiving choices things just haven't been the same. And I can sorta relate to the family issues. My brother was actually killed in 2011 that is what put me over. Then my family fell apart, I got left being the black sheep the one with all kinds of issues if you will. I think I'm having issues with my thyroid, how do you know? I've been on lithium for a few months now and I'm so scared of the kidney and thyroid problems you can have😣. Are you on any meds if you don't mind me asking? Sorry for talking so much, don't do it much anymore. Hugs 💗🖤🦉

  • Oh you poor thing. I've become the black sheep and pushed out too. Yet my brother is golden boy despite what he's done to me. The year before he attacked me he attacked my husband. He also hurt his own kids and other family members. Crazy erratic behaviour. Yet I'm thr one alienated. Madness but I'm lucky I've got a wonderful husband and children.

    I'm on thyroxine for my thyroid. Your gp should be running blood tests to keep an eye on your thyroid if at risk of it developing into under or over active. They test your tsh and ft4 usually. If you've had it tested and you know the results you can always post on thyroid UK board on here, they gave me such amazing advice.

    Does your depression make you feel fatigued? I know I've an underactive thyroid but I wake daily recently exhausted and it lasts all day. My gp keeps digging around for nor tests truing to find another cause which just makes me more anxious. I've woken today totally exhausted. It's horrible.


  • I wake up and go to bed fatigued. It's constant it makes me so upset I get angered about it. My racing thoughts from my bipolar take over often I have to put my ear buds in and let Pandora play for hours and hours that's why sleep is so comforting. I'm supposed to get tested for my thyroid and kidneys this month actually because I take Lithium and it's known to trigger problems with both. I'll let you know what happens! Oh hun, take comfort in your hunny and kiddos. I have got to crawl out of my hole asap, my family is threatening to put me inpatient if I don't. Any good vibes my way will be more apprecited💗🌼

  • I am also diagnosed with cfs.

  • My gp thinks I have it but gp can't diagnose. He wants to refer me to a medical doctor at the hospital who will confirm it but I'm not putting myself through that with agoraphobia.


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