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Hello. i suffer with depression and axiety. i have recently became worse and at the stage were i haft to get my partner to go shopping on her own and im constantly paranoid of everything i hardly eat as im paranoid of getting fat i worry that there is something wrong 24/7 and im now finding it hard to spell read and write as i get frustrated and give up i have a son aswell and my partner seems to be doing all the work i sit in most days only time i go out is when my oartner is with me or someone i really trust and i haft to have my hood up and earphones in and get the feeling of people looking at me 24?7 and talking about me. my ATOS oppiontment is coming up and even that makes me paranoid.. any tips on what to doo ? its affected my life so bad ???

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  • hi there! i was exactly the same and sometimes i still am, i had my first CBT session today and have started to take propranolol which is an anxiety medication, i couldn't do my shopping and did it all online, i couldn't leave my house which made me gain 6 stone! i had a baby 10 months ago and my partner had to come out of work to take care of her and its been impossible to sort myself out! recently i've decided to 'face the fear and do it anyway' because the people who love you can't do it forever there has to be a point where you decide to take control of your life again and start living rather than existing. i know how hard it is to even believe that if you go to the corner shop something terrible isn't going to happen but by thinking that you are your own worst enemy. i hope you start to feel ok soon. xx

  • thank you. the only problem is im now 20 and i have had since 14 and tried so many methods my mum and sister suffers with the same problems. i get esa surrport group because i cant be around anyone and have tried many times just dont know what to do who to call? cant even go doctors as im to scared if that makes sence lol x i hope you get better soon x

  • i couldn't go to the doctors and they were really supportive, because i couldn't get there they would ring me and have phone appointments i'd have health professionals make home visits and my first therapy session was done over the phone! mental health issues run in my family to but it doesn't have to be your future. I have has this for almost 6 years to so i know how controlling it is but it doesn't have to be like that, have you contacted a doctor? xx

  • i know i dont waNT my future to be like it i have emailed nhs and told my doctor but i turn my phone off cause im paranoid im going to hear bad news but i have kleft it on all week and nothing it gets so bad that il end up having ago at my partner about it and then locking myself in our room just dont know what to do but i have got a appointment on friday and a lift has been organised so i can get there safe xx

  • thats good then, please try and go to the appointment i know you'll feel terrible on the day but it is important to get some help. sometimes it takes a while for nhs to get an opening for therapy due to the high demands, i was waiting for 10 weeks for my appointment so don't worry its just a process. there is a company called samaritans which is a helpline, you can google the number/email address you can call them if you are feeling depressed or anxious and they will talk you through it. it is a process but you will get there xx

  • I would suggest strongly you speak to your GP and MIND, they have helped me immensely and I am sure you too. Good luck

  • The paranoid thoughts you describe are worrisome. Are you currently taking prescription meds? Withdrawal from them can cause paranoid thoughts. Is your partner understanding of your condition with depression and anxiety or stressing you out?

  • Go to your GP, or get them to come to you, you need help. Try to talk to Samaritans if you can, it may help you feel less paranoid just to talk to someone. Hope you can find the strength to get help. Regards Lorna

  • hello! just checking in, good luck with your appointment tomorrow! try and stay possitive :) xx

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