please dont take this the wrong way anyone

just wondering if there is any other muslims or pakistanis on here who suffer from anxiety and depression. as its a taboo subject in my community and i just wanted to see if others feel the same and have the same worrys as me when it comes to getting help. as i live in a small town and everyone knows everyone and i dont want my family to get stuck with any stigma about my illness.

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  • Hello there,

    We wouldn't know unless a member specifically states and that

    is unlikely as religion isn't significant on this Forum, sorry.


  • Hi there I understand some culture have backward ideas about Depression but surely what you do is your own business.

    Who is going to know you are suffering from Depression? Unless you tell them, so why are you worried. I am not Muslim but I don't tell people why I'm going to the Dr. Or what Medication I am on. So what's the difference here. Are you living with your family? What age are you? You could branch out and move away if you feel you have no privacy.

    So really I think you are wasting your time worrying over something that's no ones business but your own. Do you have a sign on your head " I'm suffering from Depression" so how can people know.

    We meet people every day in life in the supermarket the cinema etc and no one knows what they are going through, it's hidden unless they tell us, so don't be worrying about who knows what. Have you even gone for help? Or gone to a Dr? If not why? Don't delay, get help and don't worry about other people.

    Depression makes us worry about things that are not important and this is a symptom of Depression. Are you a student or working? If you are working you can do what you like.


  • i live at home with the most loving family im in my 30s.

    The receptionist at the doctors can access files even when they shouldnt maybe im being over paranoid also the doctor said to me its 100% confidential but sometimes he gets the receptionists to type up the referrals for counselling.

    i am working full time and its also affecting my work.

    i have been reffered for counselling and im on medication.

  • Ok I get you, I think you are worrying too much, the Receptionist would be sacked if she discussed individual cases, and more to the point why would she be that interested in whether Joe Bloggs has Depression or Jane Bloggs has Diabetes, you are being paranoid. Who is she likely to tell, she will have lots of patients and is hardly likely to even remember their details , that is if she has more to do with her time. You seem to me to be too suspicious, also your Suffering from Depression, that's all, it's not a criminal offence, so stop worrying and get better and start living your life. If you keep up this worrying you will drive yourself crazy and then people might see you acting strangely and wonder " what the heck is the matter with that guy" Seriously. Relax and just get better and forget who knows what. The fact that you are so paranoid makes me think that you are quite Depressed and over thinking everything, as we do when we are Depressed.


  • I hope someone will be able to help you with this. Not knowing your age, I don't know if you're able to make your own doctor appts or not. However, if you can I would do that. Doctors are supposed to keep medical information confidential. Maybe you can find one family member who you would feel comfortable opening up to. Sending you well wishes. I hope everything works out well for you.

  • im in my 30s i have been to the gp and been given medication im also waiting on refferal for counselling.

    thank you and like wise

  • I think you are being misunderstood . Your family isn't the problem , you're trying to protect them. Post the question again but ask people to private message you. I've lived in small towns, everyone knows everything. Pam

  • yeap right here and its a lot of stigma

  • hi muslin Lad .

    Whatever you do don't have any feelings of guilt about your situation , Just remember that religion is a recent invention in this world , you could well have worshiped pagan Gods before all that . Start to think why these things were adopted , created or realised for what purpose , I'm not speaking blasphemy and would not decry others beliefs but what if you were an orphan and was adopted by either a Jewish , Catholic nonconformist or other religion , you wouldn't feel as you do now , just find out more , learn more , but keep your head down whilst you do , you can't change your family's beliefs , as for the depression go to the doctor tell him/her how you feel and what you can do about it , som antidepressants are for other ailments maybe you might have neuralgia or something as far as others need to know , and keep talking on here , it's the best medicine .

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  • Anxiety and depression unfortunately still have a stigma attached in most societies. Things are very slowly improving but it will be years before we get the campaign medals we probably deserve. I don't know if its worse in Muslim society, just don't know enough , but it sounds likely. There was certainly a post on here within the last week by a poster who's pseudonym suggested he was Muslim although living in the UK.

    I suspect that depression and anxiety occur at the same frequency roughly in all societies although diagnostic rates no doubt vary.

    I would also suspect that anyone in your family knowing would probably be less likely to discuss any problem outside the family.

    If you are careful there is no reason why your problems should become widely known and certainly I would expect you to be able to visit your GP in the UK with practically no chance that your GP would break your confidences. So on the whole I think you have less chance of your family getting any stigma than perhaps a non-muslim family.

    Also although there is a stigma to anx. and dep. there are many fine people who will balance that to some extent with sympathy and understanding.


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