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Starting The New year with anxiety and depression

Hi Everyone. My first post. Thought it might help putting my feelings down in writing on a community where people can relate. I've had depression on and off over the years but it's been creeping in the last few months and over the last couple of weeks I've been at my upmost worst. There is nothing specific or major going on to make me feel so sad and that's my worry. I'm 36, sociable, have lots of friends and a great family. I am single which I think affects me being down but I don't want to be in a relationship for the sake of it. At this stage, if i'm with someone, they have to be right.

I cry at least a few of hours a day , find it hard to breathe and feel like there's a dark cloud over me that i can't shake off. I've been at home with my parents over xmas and trying to hide it as they won't understand. It's hard as i literally have to fight back tears when I hang out with them so I've been in my room. I relate to you because party of my depression is also guilt. I feel so guilty for being so down with all the terrible things happening in the world but i can't stop myself. My biggest anxiety is fear that my parents are going to die. There have been so many public deaths and I know people who've lost family so I wake up with heart palpitations and worry every time my parents leave the house or don't answer the phone. I've seen my GP and I'm on a waiting list to see a therapist. I'm making sure I go out for a walk everyday and I'm being as sociable as I can as soon as I feel a bit better (even offering advice to my friends about their problems) Nothing is working. I want the pain to go away. I'd really prefer not to take anti-depressants, they didn't work for me the last time so I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions while I wait to see a therapist? If I had the funds, I'd book one tomorrow. I had to call the Samaritans the other day to calm me down from a panic attack. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you :-)

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Mindfulness meditation, Headspace, Mood Gym, exercise, good diet, keeping busy, avoiding ruminations. Progressive muscular relaxation.

Various books - Ruby Wax on mindfulness,


Thanks so much. Very useful advice. Mindfulness and meditation is on my new year resolution list so will definitely give it a try


Your options without some form of medication is limited to self help. When you get your first appointment with your CPN they will assess your condition and suggest various options and techniques to control your Depression and Anxiety.

There are several things you can try and that is Relaxation Techniques (Mindfulness) books available on Amazon and Breathing Exercises, take long breaths through pouted lips. You can also try slipping a rubber band over a wrist and when you feel low or panicky click the band, some say it does work for your problem, I personally reserve judgement.

Mindfulness is a new way to control your fears, it will be introduced when you undergo your CBT, it is giving you a start on their treatment plan.

When you feel you are welling up try SIPPING a glass of water this will divert the tears hopefully and help you control your emotion

One thing you may feel a good thing is try and understand the cause of your problem and why your condition has manifested itself. To understand your concerns will help you understand your needs

If your GP and CPN suggest medication, it is just as well to follow instruction.

You also need to understand we are not Medical Professionals, just patients like yourself.

Good Luck on your journey, We are here to support



Bob, i can't thank you enough. i wanted opinions from people who've experienced it so this is so helpful. I understand what you're saying about medication but i'd at least like to try all other options first. Thanks again


My dear hope! I love your username. I don't know how to start but I will start somehow. I was clinically depressed myself and nothing was working for me. Just like you I refused to take anti depressants! Let me tell you something hope! There is a God! And God heals. You see one of the reason people don't believe in this fact is that God is just too good to be true. But unlike any thing else he is actually true and real! Please pick up your phone download a bible or something. The most popular bible app is the one by you version. Get started on a plan preferably one on depression. Hope let me tell you something I love you from the bottom of my heart and Jesus loves you 10 times more! Please do not loose faith on life! Please I beg you. You can keep in touch with me on here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to message me. God is LOVE. please draw nearer to him and he will draw nearer to you.. I love you so so much!


thanks so much. god is love


Hello Hope and welcome. I can see two of our members have already given you their usual good advice. You can trust them implicitly . They have helped me many times. I thought I would just mention a couple of things. One is, don't feel guilty about anxiety or depression , you wouldn't feel guilt over diabetes or any other illness . The other thing is anxiety. It won't kill you at least I have never ever heard or read of that happening. You can divert your attention while having a panic attack which is what I used to do. I would drink a glass of water or I might time how long it would take me to calm down. They eventually get less frightening. You'll be able to over come this in time. Pam

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Thank you so much Pam. I have my assessment in the next couple of weeks so I'm advised which form of counselling to take. Trying meditation, no alcohol and exercise in the meantime. I also feel lots of support in this community. I really appreciate it.


Hi Hope, That really is encouraging isn't it. The fact that you have taken action will go a long way to empower you. You could experience little glitches along the way don't let that discourage you. It's perfectly normal. Don't forget to keep posting, it will give you the support you need. Pam


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