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Prior to this episode of depression, I was experiencing lots of anxiety. The depression appears to have eased off after being almost 3 months on antidepressants (Cipralex), but now the anxiety is intensely at the forefront of my mind and I cannot stop worrying over minor trivial therapist suggested I am focusing on trivia to prevent my brain from thinking about deeper things, such as feelings of worthlessness, etc, but that I would have to confront these feelings and deep rooted core beliefs in order to move on and prevent me falling back into depression again...I am so scared of being on a permanent loop of anxiety, depression, anxiety, depression without a chance of peace of mind or respite from it all. It's a living nightmare with seemingly no chance of escape.

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  • I feel for you Anna I really do. I am no expert but if you can manage to distract yourself with something maybe that can help to focus your thoughts away from the loop.

  • Thank you Satsuma..distraction is very helpful for me..wishing you all the best xx

  • you may find this post on dealing with intrusive thoughts gives you some ideas

  • Thank you Gambit62, I am going to try out these ideas...

  • hope that it helps - main thing is not to fall into a loop of getting frustrated with yourself when you find the thoughts coming back - its a practice.

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