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Depression, anxiety, ignorance or ego?

I came across this website by googling 'Seriously stuck in my life'. About myself: im a girl, 28, single. people describe me as being very positive as someone who sees the bright side of life, and yes i do, but deep inside i feel so much in need of someone to hug me and says don't worry everything will be alright. They seek my help, im a good listener and always ready to help.

I'm really bad at relationships, be with my parents, siblings, colleagues or boyfriends i had. Am i such a bad human being?

I've joined gym, where i do HIIT cardio, weight lighting, Qichong, yoga meet people, i still do it but no more feel motivated.

My education, Ive done a BA and Ma in philosophy, now doing msc in mental health. I somehow know few techniques, few know-how about life and struggles.

I'm an underpaid teacher by profession, i love working with kids but pressure and pay do not motivate me.

My friend told me im very judgemental, but i really unaware that i was being judgemental about others.

I love my life, but i seriously feel very lonely, with no hands on my shoulder, and believe me it took me great courage to validate that that yes i am lonely.

I don't want to die, i want help. I feel i'm stuck somewhere, dunno where and how to get out of it.

I've so many questions in my mind. I fear to approach others as i fear they will judge me. yes the has to be perfect attitude.

Please enlighten me. Thank you

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Hi sweetie,

Hugs and more hugs!! I just joined the group here. I had a relapse In my clinical depression symptoms 2 months ago and just started increasing my paxil from 15 to 30mg. I also exercise and walk my dog daily and eat well, but the symptoms seemed to get worse. Make sure you Google clinical depression symptoms and see if you have the described symptoms for more than 2 weeks. It is important to seek help from a therapist or family doctor to do a preliminary evaluation. I was so unable to function that I went to family doctor, and He realized I needed to increase my medication dosage. I will be praying for you! Hugs!

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Hi, happy to see atleast you'e trying to get out of the current situation and wishing for a hopeful one.

I self-diagnosed myself with mild depression, hoping it will get better soon.

Did you try meditation? Calming the mind? mindfulness?

I pray for you too my dear. Wish you recovery soon. The angels are with you.

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Hi dear! Thank u for encouragement! Yeah I normed there are mindfulness exercises! What type of mindfulness exercises do u find most helpful? I try to walk the dog daily if weather permits 😅😅


Hi my awesome girl. I concentrate on my breathe, do Hiit exercises to concentrate on my muscles, or there's video available where you concentrate on a moving (going fro and back) it's like a game to concentrate there, at night i do 'mala jap' (rosary), that is reciting of mantras based on 108 beads, even in the morning.

I love reading, so i look or spirituality book and increase my knowledge.

How are things going on with you?


Hi Asmiiii and welcome to the forum where you will receive support from other members. Please be reassured that you are not alone and no one will judge you on here. You have achieved so much and have so many good qualities, so well done. It may be a good idea to discuss with your GP about how you are feeling and he / she will be able to provide some help and support so that you can start to feel better. Some people find it helpful to write down how they are feeling. It is sometimes said to have a therapeutic effect. Have a look at the pinned posts on the screen as you may find some of these helpful. Are any forum members able to help Asmiii, please? Thank you and best wishes.


Hello, thank you.

Yes, ive been reading about others post too. There are much serious cases, where I wish i could help too.

I'm trying to love myself, accept myself and forgive myself. I Just need the right wisdom, courage and strength. I love this website so much, awesome job for helping people out there. With he right knowledge everything can be cured.

Great job, Jesus is back. Merry Christmas :)

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