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Very bad day today


Didn't sleep at all last night ,Tried relaxation cds , deep breathing ect, To no avail ,What a long night ,I am seeing a councillor tomorrow for the first time for CBT. .I am very nervous about seeing her,She is fully qualified and she looks lovely .I am very apprehensive as whether she can help me , I Have been on antidepressants for14 years and it seems as they have stopped working ,I'm coming over in hot sweats when I'm doing nothing , its getting me really down now .I Pray ever night .Please God get me out of this horrid depression

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Go for your appointment tomorrow and I would imagine your first appointment will be a getting to know you period.

Do not worry you will be ok and you have everything to gain by these sessions even when she is is drop down dead Wonderful. For goodness sake do not tell Her how you feel all that would happen is She would run a mile and get you introduced to a six foot past navvy Lol

Good Luck you will be ok


Hi I went to my app with the CBT Therapist and she said she can help me ,Today was only a 50 min talk and taking notes ,She was so kind and caring ,I have faith in her , Thank God

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