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Not feeling much better today yeasterday I tryed to speak to my ex and she was basically having none off it I feel so empty and feel like I have absolutely no one to talk to about the situation I feel absolutely terrible about what's happened and I know I'm the one to blame cause I didn't give her a lot off support or was on my phone a lot off the time and I can't come to terms with it I miss her she still means the world to me she dropped off my Christmas presents last night I feel like she still wants to talk to me but she doesn't at the same time she says she still cares about me but it's left me feeling really confused I miss her texting me in the morning and at night I know it's only a break up but she honestly meant and still does me the world to me her friend also contacted me and told me if I keep trying to speak to her she will contact the police and open a harassment case I really don't know what to do I'm struggling so much I'll go from being fine to a total state in the space off 5 minutes

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  • You don't know what u had til it has gone. You obviously didn't show her that she meant the world to you when you was with her through your lack of support and use of your phone.

    This will teach you for your next relationship

  • Hi I know it's difficult but it's clear that she doesn't want to talk to you at the moment. Which doesn't mean she won't in the future. You have to back off and get on with your life as best as possible without her for the time being and see what happens in the future.

    It's not only your feelings which count here you know and you seem to be putting those before her feelings. She might be the world to you, but you obviously aren't to her right now.

    Respect her feelings and no matter how hard it is for you stay away. Trying to force contact is only making things worse for both of you. Sorry if this seems a bit harsh but she has been very hurt and needs time to work out what she wants. Each time you force your feelings on to her it is driving her further away. You have to respect what she wants and not just think about what you want.

    Sorry that's what I think. I do emphasise with you as you must be going through hell, but I don't see any other way to deal with it. You need to keep yourself as busy as possible so you have less time to brood. Take care x

  • Hi there everyone has given you good advice. Relationships usually end for a good reason - usually one partner is unhappy and decides to end it. If she had meant the world to you , well the way you say you acted doesn't sound like how you treat someone who means the world to you.

    You have to move on and just learn from the experience, relationships are give and take, and if there is an imbalance then they will end badly. Most people experience a few broken relationships in their lives, and you know this is how we learn the hard way albeit, how to be in a relationship and what being a good mature partner entails.

    Don't try and contact her as that is unfair to her, you also should look at where you could improve your future relationship skills, Good luck and I hope you learn a lot from this breakup.


  • I don't get it. If I were at the point of turning someone over to the police for harassment I wouldn't be giving them Christmas presents. What's really going on? Pam

  • Her friend said I was harassing her

  • Wasn't the friend just passing on the message?

  • No her friend said a lot it wasn't just passed on

  • Then I imagine it's safe to ignore. Are you saying her friend isn't quite trustworthy?

  • let her miss you and see what happens, to do that you have to stop all contact. keep yourself busy and try and get on with your life. wishing you all the best. love grace oxoxo

  • I'm kind of walking in your girlfriend's shoes right now. My man and I were close, but he has a laundry list of anger issues and mood swing problems. I know that unless he gets healthy this relationship will remain toxic. He is doing the thing I bet you did, saying he loves me, but behaving as though he does not. Your ex probably does still love you, but she knows she has to stay away from you to heal. Work on you. Get emotionally healthy. Then, if she hasn't moved on, try to approach her slowly, as a friend. What you feel right now is disappointment. You lost what you loved. When that turns into remorse, disappointment in yourself for hurting someone else, you will start to heal. It all hurts. Keep talking it out. I'm all ears.👂

  • Thank you Grace and Alice

  • your welcome and dont blame yourself. if you were on your phone there are a lot worse things a partner can do. your not a baby sitter. she has got a tongue and can speak up and tell you that she feels your on the phone to much. its not as if you'v been unfaithful or beat her up. then i could see why you would feel bad. keep your chin up kyrob. love grace xoxoxo

  • Very insightful reply.

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