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Bad day

Generosity is great - when it isn't bugs! I'm having major sinus problems and a constant headache. Also my PMR. fibro or both are having a flare. The steroids today haven't touched it. I have a lot to do, and have to make a decision about doing something at the weekend. I love doing rat PR, but the person running it at present is young enough to be my daughter and I find her very bossy. A lot will depend on how I am physically.

I almost never cry, but really feel like it, and really wish I didn't have to go on like this from day to day, My , and conscientious objections are really all that keep me here.

I'm waiting for my CMHT appointment to come through. I think my med (recent) is probably the right one, although I'd like a higher dosage, and am having fortnightly private counselling, which is brilliant, but finances are tight and I've had quite a bit of stress recently, and just see no end in sight.

Ann x

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hi ann

hope you feel a little less tearful now altho im told a good cry can do us good. i dont like bossy people either but dont let her put you off if you want to do it. waiting for appointments can seem to take forever but at least finaces allow you to pay for some help in the mean time. Speak to your gp about upping your meds sorry if this wasnt helpful im having a bad day too x

sarah x


hi ann so sorry to here you are having a bad day i live in england not sure where you live as this is a for scotland but could you not contact iapt they are a counselling service which is free and is a phone consultation at 1st .... will your gp not see you to up your meds if you live in england then your gp can refer you to iapt or give you number so you can refer yourself xx

this is the only help i can think of giving you at moment sorry couldnt be of anymore help other than be here for you to talk to if need be xx


a "non-dr sandra 2 min dx" you sound exhausted, have lost several of your furry friends and had to step back from your pr stuff, no wonder you are feeling as you do hun :)

as sarah says, sometimes a cry can help.

be kind to yourself,



Thank you. I'm about to do the morning feed/water/medicate the furries - and cuddle them! I've sorted out my pills for the week and will probably go to choir practice. I'm also trying to tie up some things for the weekend, as I seem to be the only person with one contact we need! There is still so much to do!

Tonight I really want to put some things on GumTree and Freecycle. Once I've dismantled one cage for Saturday it will be easier. That way I can have does in the bottom and bucks for cuddling in the top.

I do find lists helpful - we're all different, but am finding that using Mind Maps as well helps.

I'm on antibiotics now, so I hope the sinus problems will be sorted soon. My rheumatology appointment is next week. I'm annoyed that my lovely GP hasn't sent off my CMHT referral yet - over a week after I was acutely suicidal!

I have booked two short breaks - a bit difficult financially - and rather close together. The first is a "Be Creative" retreat for four days. The person leading it has some really unusual ideas about using art in therapy and spiritual growth - I've been to a couple of two-day things with her. We'll do some creative writing, which I love, and being with nature. We also have quite a bit of rest as she deals with people with ME etc. Two weeks later I have four days at a photography and digital imaging course. This has been brilliant before. I like montage-making. Sadly, we've had to change venue this year - the previous one has been a very special place to me for various reasons. I'll then try to book short breaks away for Christmas and New Year. I like to celebrate the religious side without too much commercialism.

Well - must sort out rats and things for Sunday. We have an early start and are in a marquee, teaching people about what good pets fancy rats make and getting them to handle them - tails and all - then giving them "I stroked a rat today" stickers! And telling them how rats regulate their temperature with their tail, as a dog does with its tongue. My main thing will be sorting out pain control etc.




Hi Ann,

Sorry to hear you are going through such a bad time. I would say have a few tears, it might release some tension, maybe its time to try and be good to yourself in any little way you can. Change is always very hard, but I am giving you a warm cyber hug, sit down now and make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and realise that you will come through this time. H

Hannah x


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