Been to the doctor

Well the doctor has signed me off for 4 weeks. They have put depression on the fit note . Not sure what my employer will say has anyone had any negative response when posting in their note?

Also had self referral to mental health I have a telephone number and referral no that I have to phone.. anyone had experience of this what happens? My gp said they would interview me over the phone first.... So not sure what to expect....

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  • I had negative response many years ago .. It affected me at first but then I kinda got used to it as well illness is something that we have and as they don't have it, don't feel what we feel, so in time I learnt to ignore them and the discomfort they tried to bestow on me.

    As for the interview just be truthful and answer all their questions. Do not stress about it.

  • Thanks satsuma guessing they will take the opportunity to knife me buy hey not my problem I guess

  • No they won't knife you .. Just be you and true to yourself .. Tell them exactly how it is bruvvvvaaaaa

  • The interview will be fine, they're just trying to find out how they can help you. I was recently off for 5 weeks and my paperwork stated panic disorder and major depression. My supervisor knew the general diagnosis but she didn't react negatively to me (i dont know what she may or may not have thought). In the US they are strictly prohibited from taking any action against you. "Fit note" makes me think you are elsewhere but I assume most countries have something similar? I was a bit embarrassed but that's the least of my problems at this point. I came back half days for 2 weeks, on full days for my second week now. No employer issues whatsoever.

  • Hi I am in the UK it's a lot more difficult than the USA

  • Oh. Here if you have a doctor's note for you or a family members illness they cant even ask you about the details (HR needs a dr note) and cant fire you anywhere near that time. but the interview should go well for you.

  • I was pensioned off after twenty five years with the same firm. It costed them as they had to pay a Pension.

    If you cannot do your work some employers hold Board Meetings when someone becomes ill. I do not know where or how you work, they generally offer three jobs they feel you can do and then send you packing.

    Your GP will need to send in a report to your Employers Medical Officer, they will discuss your condition and their Doctor will attend the meeting, you will not be able to attend. If you are in a Union they can represent you on the Board.

    That is what happened in my case. It was a nasty thing to go through although it allowed me to follow a position on my own. Although in a way it failed.

    All I can suggest if you have had problems at Work that were caused by the position you held it may come out as accident at work.

    Go to the CAB and ask what your rights are and the best way forward in your case.

    It is sad when things happen at this time of year, My last work day was the 31/12/1987/88

    Good Luck


  • Thanks Bob. I work in the public sector so it's a little hard. We don't have boards or similar. We tend to have capability procedures , you either cannot or can do your job.. my only alternatives are to get well and improve my mental state or look to leave and find an alternative income and that's the hard part . I have worked in the public sector same roles since 1988 so that's 28 years .. so not sure where I could jump to unless i go self employed but then unsure of whether I would get an income ...

  • You have some decisions to make then, all I can advise if you need a chat I am around


  • I have not worked for 17 years now .. Lonnnnnng time .. I feel there is no employment out there that can cater for my depressional situation as some days I cannot mix with people :( Tis a life sentence

  • I have to work as I am on my own renting.. and need an income to live. Damned if I do damned if I don't ..

  • What do you want?

    You coukd stick a smile on chops when handing fit note over. Unless you come up against a brick wall. you could hang in there. See how it goes. Let them do the running while you smile. Do your best while not wrecking your overall health and let them make decisions. There is something about the devil you know. So to speak.

    Life is full of ups and downs and this time of year can be a real downer for lots of us.

    Good luck.

    Go well.

    I jumped ship because I couldn't take the stress. But financially the old adage came true.

    Act in haste repent at leisure.

    But with due care and consideration I think we know in our hearts what's best for us. We just need to listen.

  • Well went to the doctors and got 4 weeks fit note and my meds increased to mirtizapine 30mg from 15mg .. has anyone done this as well? The only side effect at the moment is that I feel a lot more tired and lethargic?

    Work kept phoning me everyday and wanting me to see occupational health next week . I declined politely and asked they left me alone for now until I get use to the meds and have some rest. They didn't sound impressed I have to say , but at the moment it's about me not them .....

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