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Wonderful Doctor

Just been to see my doctor about a letter for renewing my bus pass. Honestly that's all but she knew something was up and I found myself telling her all about the plunge and the garbage bits whilst saying I didn't come to tell her that! She got it totally.

She is just brilliant. She gave me a self referral leaflet and recommended I ring them for counselling as she thinks I am drifting off centre and need to get back more to the middle. She also reckons that's the reason why I find it so hard to read books anymore and lack of concentration generally. Even the memory blocks I had recently.

When you get a good doctor they are like gold dust.

Hope everyone else is well.

Bev xx

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Hello Bev

That is why we need to keep a GP that we like.

When I moved I lost a practice where my GP knew me well and he was able to understand my condition and in what context I was visiting him for

Now I am in a new Practice and it will take a while until I get a new GP that I can relate to

My glasses and eye test is do at a practice that knows me and that is the same with my dentist, mind I have very few teeth and I feel I will not be keeping them for long now. My toothless grin is now well known



As long as you are still grinning Bob that's the main thing. x


This sounds great Bev and I agree.

I recently saw a new doctor at my practice (she is only there temporarily and I think she is training). I often feel that they are the best. The other one was horrible.

She has given me time and believed me. I had some blood tests done as I said I was just feeling completely weird. One or two things have potentially shown up but were just very slightly elevated and so the tests need to be repeated again.

I managed to talk to her about some of the terrible ways I have been talked to and treated regarding my back pain/joint pain and I could tell she was really listening to me and believed me. I also mentioned my mental health diagnosis and how it upsets me and makes me feel people won't take any of my other complaints seriously and she advised me to write everything down to bring up when i next see the psychiatrist. I even asked her outright whether reading that diagnosis made her feel differently about me and she said no that she treats everyone on face value which she does as I did not feel judged by her.

We all deserve to be treated with respect I think and being treated well is a big mental health boost. Well done you and well done her. I can just picture how you're feeling and it's great isn't it to be given that understanding and validation and genuine help.

Gemma X

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Hiya Bev, Yes I agree when you have a understanding caring GP its a wonderful thing ---- yes sounds like you need to get back into the middle understand you completely ----- well all I can say is carry on what you are doing and try some metatone tonic (asda/sainsbury) does wonders for me (with my meds) xxxjue


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