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Using Twitter for mental health ideas?

Just wondering if anyone else does this? I only started it a few days ago, so it's early days still. I set up a Twitter account that I'm only going to use to follow positive news, useful mental health organisations and motivational thoughts and ideas etc. I'm hoping that this will create a daily stream of positive stuff that I can tune into whenever I'm needing a bit of a boost with my daily battle against depression. Fingers crossed that it'll help and prove to be something else that I can add to my mental health tool box.

If you're already doing this it'd be really useful to hear about who you're following on there.

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I think that's really clever. I refer to the news sector as "bad news", because they propagate and encourage fear.


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I totally agree. I watch a news channel on TV quite a lot but have to turn it off sometimes when it gets too much for me!


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