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support with mental health such as anxiety and thoughts

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hi everyone,

hope that everyone is well and keeping safe,

just wanted to ask everyone if anyone was up for a chat as my mental health is really bad at the moment and Would really appreciate someone to talk to. I am on sertraline not sure if anyone else is on it and if they would like to talk to me.

I am more than happy to listen to others as well who is struggling with mental health as I know for myself it’s not easy to cope with.

Please PM if we can help and support each other

please me know


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Sorry to hear your feeling like this. Please take care. All the best. I'm free to PM

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Mammamia12 in reply to Gsp-

Ok thanks for your reply. I need to go bed soon, but can message tomorrow x

Hi M12 I hope you feel better. Do see your GP they should monitor the medicine. Is this Serra line for depression or for anxiety?

ur bright...therefore u worry ...goes in DNA and gills..etc

so tell me about interests ....any ...

Hi. Same. I'm on sertline and i'm losing it. Feel free to text

hey yes i will pm you xx

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