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Hi fellow disadvantaged persons. I suffer from Bipolar Type 2 and heard a comment commenting on the depressive cycles, which I'm plagued with and doesn't it hit you so hard when and if you get a Hypo or Manic episode the contrast between the two is pronounced and harsh. I'm going to ask for the new, I know that as an ex-user there will be difficulties but to try Ketamine as trialled by Oxford University and funded by National Institute of Health all on the trials after 3 infusions recovered from Chronic Depression.

As I have had manic episodes caused even by sedatives i.e. Mirtazepine NASSA, which saved my life originally, actually, started causing mania. I don't see that one would become manic after taking it at the trial usage of 0.5mg/kg. I've a wealth of empirical data of most Anti-Psychotics both Typical and A-Typical, Anti-Depressants, Anxiolytics, Hypnotics and unfortunately illicit use that I'm not proud of. So if any one has a question on Chronic Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia; Mental & Behavioral Disturbances I'd like to help!. United together we can start changing the public stigma and misperceptions even at a consultant psychiatric level.

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  • What form of help are you requesting do you feel you need drying out.

  • I am abstinent of illicit drugs now for several years. Currently my prescriptions are as follows 90mg Haloperidol Depot, 3mg Daily, Depakote AntiManic 2*500mg, 45mg Diazepam (Valium), 200mg Chlorpromazine, 200mg Quetiapine, 50mg Phenegram.

    For a drug habit caused by the NHS 55mg of Methadone.

    I stopped Heroin usage years ago till I had an infection that was painful but despite myself and my Mothers concern administered 2*20mg B.D. = 40mg Continuous MST and 240mg Oral Morphine. We both stated that as an ex addict it may not be wise, but thought they would make sure nothing untoward happened. On discharge due to my empirical knowledge and academic asked for a tapering dosage, that I had planned to make sure withdrawals weren't a factor. I was prescribed for 3 months then stopped without notice and straight away.

    That caused withdrawals and if you have ever suffered Opioid withdrawals it's very bad though I'm much more resilient than most, I ended up buying Heroin 6*0.1g bags a day normally 0.2g but the quality where I reside it's 0.1 as it higher quality with Crack and Heroin.

    Then I immediately contacted the closest ORT organization and have asked to be tapered and come off Methadone, but have been declined as they say I'm not stable enough due to Bipolar episodes.

    They even offered more as I was reducing Benzodiazepines after 16 years consistent prescribing 8 years @ 20mg/daily and 8 years @ 50-60mg daily; offered more Methadone to compensate the withdrawals of Benzo's as they work on GABA amino acids.

    This to me seemed completely wrong way round opioids have a very strong addictive capacity in fact can take as much as 9 months to come out of your system as it ends up in your bone marrow; Benzo's have a moderate strength of addictiveness rating. So am I mad as I will never truly come off Diazepam I am progressing from 50mg to 20mg where I will remain on.

    Have you ever studies the NHS Constitution?. This is vital as it states your rights and theirs and then you can work as a team together, the best way. For example if your prescribed one drug you have the right to refuse or have an alternative option, etc.

    I studied them in detail to help getting the best treatment.


  • Hi Bilbo

    I have suffered with chronic bi polar for over 10 years . I have exhausted all medications as they originally worked but not anymore

    I took part in the trials for tms made no difference, I'm interested in the ketamine but I believe it's only a temporary fix , is that your understanding?


  • I have been in the same situation of medications working to start off with but becoming defunct or useless after a period of time. Additionally I've been labelled at the same time by Psychiatrists saying I'll take too much medication i.e. on Lithium; however having a grasp on medications related and the fact of a narrow therapeutic level in plasma levels though toxic, at the same time as not willing to take medication and implementing a depot injection.

    Ketamine has two Racemic formulations both according to new studies passed the first with flying colors with both Bipolar and chronic/clinically depressed patients all responding to the medication. Some were alleviated in hours; some took the normal 2-4 weeks. However it's not only for my depressive cycles but additionally for back pain, where I have a bent spine from injury playing competitive Rugby so I hope that as it's being used in both fields it might kill two birds with one stone.

    Do you mind me asking what you've been administered in the past that's worked/not worked and current regime.

    Mine is as follows

    2 x 500mg Depakote - Sodium Valproate

    100mg / 4 Weeks - Haloperidol.

    200mg Quetiapine

    50mg Valium/Diazepam

    200mg Chlorpromazine/Largactil/Thorazine

    20mg Olanzapine

    10mg Procyclidine

    2 x 500mg Naproxen

  • I know this is unrelated but I recently have been started on some medication called Lamotrigine and another called omntropine. And I just signed up to this thing to talk to other people.

  • Lamotorigine is an anti-epileptic, which I was prescribed for several years after my mood swings became even more serious. I had Cyclothymia & Dysthymia for Depression with noted Moderate Mood swings. This stabilized me for a couple of years until finally became resilient to it's effects ands additionally classified as Bi-Polar and required something stronger. However I have been in hospital wards with bi-polar patients that have responded very well to the drug.

    Are you sure of the Omntropine I've not heard of that I have seen it used in Hormone replacement. Can you check as I'd be interested in a.) Name Brand+Generic ideally b.) What's the medication for i.e. Mood Swings/Anxiety/AntiPsychotic c.) Dosage d.) Your response physiologically. Together we could make some way into researching the drug as I'm training tho already qualified to start up as an Academic Researcher, so am able to function academically.

  • Hello

    i take synthetic Opiates for Chronic Pain condition and I can confirm Opiates can push you sideways . Withdrawal of the sorts of drugs you are on can be problematic especially if you are fighting Bio Polar.

    Have another word with your GP and see if there is a place to go that will help you very slowly come of these drugs. In cities around here ? there are day centres that will offer you a safe place where you can get positive assistance taking and reducing drug dependance

    To get onto various clinics and try different new methods it is more easy when you are in a place and show the correct attitude.

    I am no GP or have worked in a clinic, you will know your local situation of Drug Dependency .Clinics

  • Are there US trials with ketamine? Nothing is touching the depression and I've been on this couch for six months.

  • I'm sorry to hear that, Ketamine has passed the first tests with flying colours, but still have to go through RCT - Randomized Control Trials. I'd imagine if the U.K. know of it's use, then, the U.S. FDA should have.

    Check out PubMed and others to research it's efficacy.

  • See you're thinking of Ketmine treatment?

    I've had many long years of mental issues/various addictions

    Severe depression,brief psychosis,DP,PTSD,mild bi polar,drug use illicit/otherwise etc

    and also have Hep c

    Would I touch this horse tranquiliser treatment?

    .Neigh, no way

    I've treated myself holistically

    Meditation/yoga,gluten free,no c..p diet,various effective supplements etc

    The predominant drawback of ketamine is the lack of data.

    There haven’t been enough clinical trials on the drug to assure its safety, and there’s a lack of information on the long-term effects of its use.

    I C/p from medical research site:

    Ketamine’s effects are also short-lived.

    To be used as an effective antidepressant, it would need to be administered regularly, which leads to concerns about addiction, tolerance, and, again, long-term effects.

    The data that we do have on long-term use comes from people who have taken ketamine recreationally, as well as those who have used it to treat chronic pain. One 2014 study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology included among possible side effects psychedelic symptoms (hallucinations and panic attacks), nausea, cardiovascular stimulation, memory defects, and bladder and renal complications

    Good luck with all

  • I'll pick you some parsley at a road side accident, I'm only joking. But medication is essential in some cases. I've tried Homeopathy and St Johns Wort but as the science dictates they are of little use.

    As for extra treatments I do Reiki, Electro-Stimulation-Therapy, Acupuncture etc which aid, but are not in my condition suitable as all treatments required. Ideally I'd like to be free of the 20 Tablets I take daily. My Consultants all say that I'll be on them the rest of my life which I am not too happy with, but that's their opinion. I'll continue trying my best to reduce WITHOUT relapsing into Rapid Cycling which is the danger.

    I'm an ex IV drug addict of anything and everything including Ketamine. I am prepared with my life quality that it dictates taking something of that nature again. I'd like to take it orally as Ive only 1-2 veins left and they are used for a terminal illness where bloods are taken.

  • Humour saves us

    As i have Hep C that tells you we have shared experience

    But mine was not as intensive as yours

    Long enough to get Hep c though

    thirty years ago I was told i'd be on High dose Valium etc ad inf

    I stopped there and then

    But didn't know about the hallucinations etc of stopping suddenly

    Ended up under section

    Not used anything at all since then

    Lots of luck and all good wishes Mr Bilbo Baggins


  • Ps you can always private message me if you ever want to

  • I think you miss the point all medications drugs have a limited effect on the body. The main long term but bearing in mind that it was high volume I've heard of only Kidney Stones becoming prevalent. There has been trials and on the group there was a 100% response. The dosage given isn't at a level of abuse. For instance I would consume IV+IM+Insufflation ROA 3-4 grams a day/night.

    True some effects it has are undesirable, I appreciate that, but if you suffer enough wound't you go to these lengths?. Or are you saying that your able to cope without medication? If so then you would not require any medication. By the NHS Constitution if your assessed as suicidal due to depression; then you are not applicable for medication only simple psychotherapy i.e. Support groups/Psychology etc.

    It also will affect differing people in different ways so the bad response you state are not definite... Doesn't every medication, particularly in Psychiatry, due to it's Psychoactive effects have ramifications in one way or another. I would stipulate that a drug that is similar to Clozapine has enough adverse effects that even I refused to take it. It's an A-Typical Anti-Psychotic if you want to see what I mean about when it's time to refuse then this has a reputational value of requiring serious thought.

  • Hi Bilbo,

    I c/p from medical research site as I googled just after I read your post

    All pharmaceuticals have their poisonous aspect I agree

    That's why I won't take Hep C meds as like playing Russian roulette

    Some are incapacitated during/ post treatment,others sail through

    No way of telling

    You were very lucky you never contracted anything during your full on using

    I was on Largactil under section..had no choice

    Like 'One flew over cuckoos' nest


    I escaped and had the police after me

    So many stories as i'm sure you have too

    I do understand why you want to give it a go

    I really hope it works well for you.