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Hearing voices is hard work!

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Hello everyone... So I've been suffering with depression for about six months now possibly a lot longer ... in that time I have been sectioned twice for a couple of weeks each time and had two very serious suicide attempts. I have a mixture of symptoms such as being manic and depressed, hearing voices and also I have had Phycosis (strange thoughts and beliefs) although Not all are the classic signs of depression I've not yet been given a solid diagnosis ...The nhs is so stretched I've seen about two psychiatric doctors each only once in the space of six months. And I'm currently on a 8 month waiting list for therapy.... How ever I'm doing a lot better with anti depressants venaflaxine and anti phycotic olanzapine Its all keeping me just about stable :)

The only thing I'm struggling with is the voices I'm just not the same person I use to be with the constant chatter I hear daily and I fear it's getting worse... What I hear is a voice male telling me to constantly halm myself and to not trust people I love he tells me I'm worthless and things of that nature. I just wondered if anyone else hears voices daily like this and how do people cope how do you stop somthing so strong from getting to you and changing you !? You can't ignor things like this as easy as you might presume.

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Hi Ruby I think your antiphycotic meds may need to be increased. Usually if

The meds are at the right level the voices will usually stop.

I think you should go back immediately to your Dr. And tell him about the voices and what they are saying . Don't listen to these voices especially if they are telling you

To harm yourself. It must be frightening and a friend of mine had this but it

Completely stopped and was controlled by the right dose of medication , so don't be scared as

It's very treatable. Let us know how you get on.


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Hi Ruby I completely agree with Hannah. . You need to get an urgent appointment with your doctor and tell him/her about it. You need an urgent referral and your doctor can arrange this. Please don't wait any longer. x

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Hey Hannah thank you for your reply I will go see my doctor as soon as I can. I do have a great support network of family friends and partner. It's just a terrible shame I must keep increasing my dosage X

Rubyx i am sorry to hear you are struggling and not getting the help you need. Do you have family or close friend you can talk to about this? I had a close friend who was in a similar place to yours so I can empathise with your pain, confusion, darkness and despair. But talking does help. A lot. Trust is a big leap of faith, sometimes we trust people who are not as they seem and we get let down. But there are good, kind people out there so it's a matter of time you find yours or realise you already have them around you. So when you next hear the male voice telling you that you are worthless and don't trust people, talk back! Tell him he's talking crap, you are a strong person who just need a bit of time to get better. Stay strong!

Hi Rubyx,

Yes hearing voices is difficult and exhausting. I think it might be helpful to get in touch with other people who hear voices, as they will understand the particular difficulty that the constant chatter represents. There is an organisation called Hearing voices network. It might be worth an internet search. There are also a few books written by people who hear voices and have found ways of dealing with them. Rufus Mann is one that springs to mind.

There are many different ways of dealing with voices.

I really hope this helps.


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Hey thank you so much my lovely I will definitely do a google !!! I've had little support and understanding when it comes to the voices I didn't know about the network your a star! X

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I am glad to be of help. I don't know where you live but if you are in the UK, MIND might be a helpful. There is also a group called RETHINK which might be helpful.

Hi Rubyx,

I agree with Hannah, and I understand what you're going through. I am currently recovering from my second psychotic episode and I have been hearing voices since August 2015. My diagnosis is probable schizophrenia although it hasn't been 100% confirmed. I have been gradually increasing my medication and had to change from Risperidal to Abilify in December because of the side effects. I am going back to my psychiatric doctor to get my medication increased again.

It is incredibly exhausting hearing voices. I hear a horrible voice telling me that people are talking about me and that everything I do is wrong or incorrect. It often swears at me and makes me feel inadequate. This was once a kind voice, but it has evolved into something horrible. I do understand what you're going through. I would go back to your doctor and request an increase in medication. When you're well, they may consider reducing / tapering the medication over time, but this may not happen until you're completely well.

I really wish you all the best and I hope you manage to get rid of the voices. It is a battle, but stay strong.


same here, this ringing filled with many voices. so sorry its happening to you.- my email jconindustries@yahoo.com

is this just imagination?why a male voice? why need to harm yourself its sore and changes nothing

uchaf--you need to ask these questions of a psychiatric expert not of the person who is suffering  the symptoms.

Hi Ruby, I am equally going through this problem, though I haven't sought medical help. The best way I know to keep control over the ruthless voice in my head is to

1. Ignore him

2.have a handy list of things I've done well in the obstacles to myself and others

3. Remind myself(not the voice) with obvious examples(in writing, sometimes) that I love my loved ones "Consciously" (ie I mustn't like them to love them but I don't hate them and they love me too).

4. Going for a walk and giving alms or smiling to as many people as I can (especially when the voice is literally crushing me)

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