Working to nothing

Some days I put so much effort into get nothing out of the day.

I find myself getting worn down town empty shell and that's when self care becomes an issue. I strive to make sure I stay together enough to make sure my kids are fed bathed and well. But cannot find any inkling of anything to keep myself as cleanand cared for. Yesterday I couldn't bare to cook once I had dealt with the kids. My tea was a mango.

How do you push yourself to stay well?

Could this also be related to running out of medication? I think it is. I just need to push through until Wednesday. I've battled with myself for years and it's only been the past 2 years I've needed help. I've always been strong and kept on going but I feel like a useless shell. I know I'm not as my kids are fed clean and in bed on time. But the thoughts sway between me being the best mum I can be and the worst woman who walked the planet.

I just needed to vent. So now I'm off the bed to potentially not be able to sleep for hours or to have some freaky ass dreams that make no sense.

Thanks for reading hope your having a better night than me xx

2 Replies

  • Eating at the same time as your children would help

  • I did try it today and it worked but alot of the time my 4 year old wont eat and often wont feed himself. So im feeding a 9months old baby aswell. My 4 year old doesnt like most foods and wont try most foods. Everyone who has met him has thought he has autism which is probably why he hates trying new things. Normally its a battle to get him to eat. Which is why i tend to feed everyone seperately.But today was progress he ate the same as us but less of it.

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