Working full time with depression (I'm new)

Hi, I think I've been coping with depression for a couple of years and this has got to be the most stressful time of my life, I'm working full time, just finished Uni (Which I didn't pass) and trying to find a new place to live before the end of June (found one, now just getting ready to move in). While I'm at work I'm fine but as soon as I'm home, my anxiety levels and depression go right up, since I hate not being able to do what I love for long amounts of time. Instead, I have to go to bed a couple of hours before, I was used to going to bed at 2-3am.

I just want to know, if there's any way of dealing with this as lately I've been lashing out at my boyfriend and that's not healthy for him/me or our relationship and I just want it to stop.

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  • There's always a way...ALWAYS :)

    What is frustrating you? What is it that you love to do which you feel you can't?

  • I like to play online games with my boyfriend and his family but lately, since I got a job, I always feel rushed while playing since I got to go to bed and I feel jealous and envious of them since they can play all night and leave me behind. I hate feeling left behind.

  • I've been called a nervous wreck lately since my emotions will run wild if my paranoia kicks in.

  • What do you mean when you feel left behind?

  • When I was younger I wasn't the most popular girl and I was always the one left out of parties, just hanging out etc, and being left out I mean, since I have to go to sleep and I pretty much have to catch up to them.

  • Hi are you taking any medication? Ask or tell your doctor how you feel & they should refer to a psychiatrist they will decide what sort of treatment you need.

  • No, I've never been on medication, usually I can be quite happy, but when I'm sad and I start second guessing myself, I don't even want to get out of bed.

  • Hi well it's an unfortunate fact of life that most of us have work to earn a living. It sounds like you are feeling envious of those who don't have to. That's life I'm afraid and the reality is that most of us can't do what we want but have to work. Apart from that I think playing online games all day is unhealthy.

    If you think you are suffering from depression then maybe a visit to a doctor is in order?

  • Was thinking so, gonna be making an appointment and see what they think.

  • you cant blame yourself for not having enough time to do everything, you need to create a diary with a routine when you can play your games and when you do other stuff. It isn't your fault you need to support yourself through money that's just how it is. Throughout the night after work try check your breathing and have relaxation time. outdoor walking and that can help

  • I have similar issues. I am married. I am angry with myself, not him. It is hard to contain the anger, anxiety, depression.

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