Working and Depression

I was diagnosed with depression about three months ago, although I've experienced depression symptoms for over a year now. My hardest issues is work. Its very difficult for me some days when I'm at work to stay motivated, and im constantly thinking about getting back to my bed so I can just sleep. I also find it difficult to stay on task at times. Any suggestion on how to "get through 8 hours days at work?"

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  • Hi happierdays.

    What do you do for a job? Is it fast paced, do you work with other people/do you get on with them, do you work with the public, are your employees understaning...any other factors that may help us advise you? Sorry for so many questions just trying to think.

    I work in a small shop that differs as is a seasonal place so from serving 20 customers a day in the winter to 500 in the summer, I find having to force myself to smile and say hello helps but can also be exhausting, as we have lots of regular customers it's nice to have a little chat with them, find out what's going on in there life, passes some time.

    I make sure I drink plenty throughout the day, either water or tea! And I have a decent sized lunch and make sure I have a proper sit down break so that I have half an hour to gather my thoughts.

    I get on really well with the people I work with and my employers are really understanding so I am lucky and if I need 10mins to go have a cry, scream, sit in a corner in silence, phone a friend or family I can I just have to ask. Plus I can say to them I'm havinf a bad day and not feeling very chatty or whatever and they understand so will help me themselves and also maybe help me find something to do that doesn't involve being around customers for example doing something in the stock room.

    Planning is my main way of coping I plan the day before what needs doing so that when I come in I know exactly what I am doing for that day and then I pace myself to keep the whole day busy. Having nothing to do is the worst because then I get tired and fed up and can't get motivated then.

    I know this is quite long and may not be relevant to your job but I hope at least some of it may be of use :)

    L x

  • I appreciate you feed back! Thank you. I work in an office with homeless clients. I love my job sometimes its just hard to get through the day and i just think about going home.

  • Wow that sounds great so your actually helping really vulnerable people and helping to change there lives...that's amazing. It must be really rewarding if you get a success. Do you have face to face contact with the clients or are you more background based?

    I imagine it could be quite hard hearing some horrible sad stories but then getting to help them is nice. I'm guessing you're quite desk based...dou get much excersise in? (Even just walking) because I think being active helps you to feel better.

    I must admit (after coming back to work this week after 6 weeks off sick) it is bloody hard work and you should congratulate yourself just for being there and making it through the day in any state. I think it's good to work as it gives us more structure and routine as well as a reason to leave are beds and see other human beings!!! By lunchtime I definitely have to plaster my fake smile on and my cheery voice because by that point I'm sooo exhausted and like you said start thinking about bed, but I think we just need to give ourselves a big pat on the back for turning up and doing our best everyday, at the end of the day that's all we can do.

    L x

  • Thank you so much! You are right it is a struggle getting through the second half of the day. & Yes, I see clients face-to-face. I see clients daily. I am actually going to start exercising starting today! I think it will help my depression a great deal. I do love my job and it can be very rewarding, but it can also be draining so the exericse will assist.

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