(My first post on here, new to this) Feeling down


Sorry, just feeling a bit down a lot of the time, like don't know what to do, feel like everything is going wrong and whatever i do is wrong, i feel shit and useless like most of the time, i just feel never good enough in whatever i do, i just ruin everything and i always fuck things up, but i don't mean to, i feel like i annoy everyone, don't know how to word this, and I feel stupid for writing on here because i know i'm just being pathetic but i can't stop feeling like this.

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  • Hi daisy dont apologise for feeling down its amazing how many people have low moods have you been to your doctor to see if he can help you !you are not useless you are just someone who makes mistakes which we all do please stop being so hard on yourself ! Why do you think you are stupid. Youve taken the the first step to ask for help so well done please take care david

  • Hi, I don't really wana go to my doctor no, I'm not very good at talking and talking about my emotions etc. I just am stupid, it's me, and thank you though.