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End anxiety app worked <3!

K today I had a fantastic day :D! Last night ...yesterday night I tried for first time to use a anxiety app like hipnosis ...and after the 45 min it told me to gather my pain and put it into a box and into a hot air balloon and everytime exhale the balloon full of "bad"flys higher sooo my 6YEAR stomach pain everyday has not buged me all day my chest isnt tight I wasnt tired allday on the couch !! I dont know how els to explain jus cant belive it might have worked :D befor bed tonight im going to do the hypnosis again and kee everyday. Jus didnt think it would even work and afer one day im so shocked :)! Today also my 5 months quitting smokeing ciggarets <3 I recommend everone try the app its called end anxiety blue with a white flower

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Hi that's great news.

I do something similar and with bad dreams, change the ending.

I find it helps.

Keep going and I hope it continues to help you.

Good luck and best wishes.


I will day 2 and I seem so great :)! I am still shocked im not in bed all day ate a huge brekfast no after pain I feel like this is a dream xD

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I do hope it continues.

Keep going 👍😊


It is wonderful to hear you have found a remedy that helps and what is more that it is drug free .. Even more of a bonus :) Well done on the smoking cessation too .. I gave up last November .. Isn't it great to go without the dreaded weed :)


Thank youu :)! But it is such a great feelin off my lungs stay strong !


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