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Hi everyone!

Some of you may have seen my post a couple of days ago about the teeth grinding I do in my sleep as a result of stress/anxiety. I received lots of great advice that really helped with my tension and something very exciting happened last night that I really felt I needed to share with you all! My orthodontist made me a mouthguard to wear when I sleep to protect my teeth and prevent the migraines/ear aches I get as a result from grinding. When I don't wear my mouthguard or forget to put it in, I always wake up with a terrible migraine that takes over my entire skull, and the sort of ear aches you'd get from moshing at a Metallica concert for 10 hours. Well last night I decided to give the app 'Headspace' a try (a meditation app that was recommended to me by Healthunlocked) and it made me so relaxed, that I fell asleep and forgot to put my mouthguard in! So I woke up this morning and was very worried that a migraine would come about, but I'm very excited to report that it hasn't- so the meditation has worked! I've always been skeptical of meditation, but this app has helped alleviate a problem that I've been having for over three years now. I would really recommend it to anyone with built up tension, or anyone who is having trouble sleeping etc. They're only ten minute sessions so you can do them any time of the day, I was even thinking of doing one on the train tomorrow!

Once again I REALLY recommend it to everyone, one ten minute session has already changed my life and made my life a lot easier, I can't remember the last time I woke up without a head ache!

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions about it please don't hesitate to message me- I would gladly become the poster girl for this wonderful app!


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5 Replies

  • Hey that's wonderful theoldme! Keep it up. You sound very positive and brave as mental illness saps your will and it is very hard to make yourself do anything at all so all power to your elbow. Well done. Bev x

  • Hello there. Really pleased to read that the app works for you. I've downloaded it but have yet to use it. I too grind my teeth at night so I can strongly relate to your migraine and ear-ache pain. It's UNbelievably painful I know :-(

    Thank you for posting. I'll make sure I give it a try tonight :-)

    Best wishes!

  • No worries Lizbett! Hope it helps :)

  • Me too! :D

  • Excellent news. I have a mouth guard as well that I wear whenever I start to grind my teeth as I have stress fractures from grinding my teeth.

    I have found a couple of meditations that I can listen to at night in which I don't hear the ending of the meditation cause it makes me fall asleep, sometimes I just listen to soothing music and fall asleep to that.

    Good news you that you have found something that works for you.